How To Make A Bow Holder

As soon as Annabelle had enough hair to hold in a bow, I started putting one on her.  As any mother of a daughter can tell you, even if your child is decked out head-to-tiny-toe in pink, at least once a day someone will ask, “How old is he?”

Look, I know it is hard to tell, especially when they are so small, so let me just advise this: if you’re not sure, don’t use a pronoun.  Simply say, “Oh so cute, how old?”  The mom will of course know what you’re doing, but she won’t mind.  She’ll happily reply, “Oh, thank you.  She just turned 2 months.” See, everyone’s happy.

Luckily for Annabelle, she took after her father and had enough hair to ward off the question by the time she was 10 months old.  I, on the other hand, didn’t have enough hair until I was about two.  My mom got so tired of my being mistaken for a boy that she started scotch taping bows to my head.  It’s true.  You can ask her.

Anyway, Annabelle’s bow collection is quite impressive for a 22 month old.  The tiny side drawer of her dresser is full of them, making it hard to see all the colors.  So yesterday I decided to make a little holder for all her bows while she slept.  Since it was impromptu crafting, which is sometimes my favorite kind, I had to make due with what I could find around the house.

Which was:

  • An old picture frame (glass removed)
  • Some ribbon
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Letter Stickers

Before I get into how I made the little bow-holder-doohickey, I should probably offer up a bit of a crafting disclaimer.  Whenever I craft, I usually have a general idea of what I would like the final product to look like…and a basic, not-so-structured idea of the steps I’ll need to take to get there.  But a lot of what I do is trial and error.  Moving things around…scrapping original ideas…changing colors…until I arrive at something I am happy with.  Very loosey-goosey.

Ok, that being said, here’s how I made the bow holder.

First, I removed the glass from the frame.

Ok, that’s not exactly how it happened.

See, originally I intended to use the frame with the glass, but then I somehow managed to break the glass while removing it from the frame.  So suddenly my project no longer required glass.  Yes, folks, this is sometimes how I roll.  It ain’t always pretty.

Anyway, after I “removed” the glass, I cut out a piece of cardstock to fit the frame.  I then took my ribbon and cut out three pieces that would be big enough to lay across the cardstock, leaving a bit of extra length.  Then, I laid out the three pieces of ribbon and secured each with tape on the back.

Once the ribbons were taped in place, I put the cardstock in the frame and put the backing of the frame back on.

Then I gathered her little collection of bows and clipped them on the ribbons.

Then, since it seemed to need a little something, I took some felt letter stickers I had and put Annabelle’s name on top of the frame.

I worked from the middle of her name out so that I wouldn’t run out of room, or risk having her name be off centered.

The whole project took about a half an hour (including glass clean up) and cost me nothing since I had all the supplies on hand.  If I had gone out and bought supplies, I think I would have picked a larger and fancier frame…maybe one that could be hung up on the wall.  My mind is already spinning with ideas, so I am sure I will be redoing this project somewhere down the line, but for now, this little guy will work.

Here’s how it looks in her room.

I was pretty excited to show it to Annabelle when she woke up.  She kept pointing at it, smiling, saying, “Look Mommy, bows!  Another bow!”

Her smiles = project success!

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  1. Illanna says:

    I love this! Desi has no bows but he has a sparkly blue bowtie… Maybe he needs a bowtie organizer 😉 I’m so happy Annabelle likes it too. I can’t wait til they are all old enough to really get in on the crafting.

    • Thanks, Illanna! I LOVE Desi’s sparkly blue bowtie! I know, it will be so much fun when we can really craft with them. Annabelle is at the point right now where she can color for a little bit, then eat the crayon for a little while, then color a little bit more…

  2. This looks SO cute! I keep staring at Megan’s collection of bows in the cabinet in her bathroom. I needed this crafty idea! You are amazing!

  3. i’m putting in my request now for you to make me one of these when June has enough hair for bows (in approx 2 years)…..

  4. diana rossi says:

    this is a very cute project i cant wait to do this when sophia get enough bows……any ideas about headbands because i have plenty of them!

  5. donnaheaney says:

    Kelly – scotch taping the bow to your head sounds so cruel – but I swear it didn’t hurt you at all!

  6. What a great idea Kelly!

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