I Want To Hold Your Hand

Update: You can check out Annabelle’s “rockin” 2013 Father’s Day gift here.  

I know it’s hard to believe, but for Father’s Day, I thought it would be cute for Annabelle to make a little craft for Mike.  I know, I know, any excuse to craft right? But now that Annabelle is nearing two, she is starting to enjoy it as well, so it’s not purely selfish anymore.  Each day, her love for drawing and painting grows.  She paints a little on the paper, then a little on her face, then a little more on the paper, then she tastes the paint, you know, to make sure it’s a good year, and so on and so forth until the crafting is done.  So I thought making Mike a little Father’s Day gift would be fun for both of us.

My idea was for Annabelle to make a watercolor picture.  Then, using whatever she came up with as the background, putting her handprint in the middle using a darker colored paint.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Well, it was, sort of.  Ok, here’s how it went down…

First, I set Annabelle up with some watercolors.

She had a blast, although she seemed to find the little bowl of water even more fascinating then the paint.  She kept threatening to drink it, which kept me on my toes.  And like I said, she likes to lick the paintbrush.  (Every once in a while she would refer to the paintbrush as a toothbrush, which may have been part of the problem.)

And then at one point she started painting the paint, instead of the paper.  Who am I to stifle her creativity?

Once she was done, and her little painting was dry, it was time for the scary part, trying to get a clear handprint onto the watercolor background.  Ok, if there are any preschool teachers out there reading this, can I ask you, how, OH HOW, do you get toddlers to make a clear, flat handprint?  You always see kids coming home with adorable handprint crafts.  Which now that I’ve tried making one with Annabelle, I really don’t know how teachers do it.  She kept making a fist, and grabbing the paper…not to mention touching everything in sight with her paint covered hand.  Needless to say, the results were not too hot.

See?  You can kind of make out that it’s a handprint, but mostly it just looks like a big blue mess.  Plus you can see how the paper got all crumpled up during the failed attempt.  So, I decided to revise my original idea slightly, and start over.  Annabelle again painted a sweet little watercolor for us to use as a background. (Nice purple and blue tones, right?  Ha!)

Then on a separate piece of paper, we made a bunch of handprints, some more successful than others.

Once both paintings were dry, it was time to assemble the pieces and frame them.  I had gotten a little frame at Michael’s to use.  First I took the glass out of the frame (managing not to break it like I did here) and put it on the watercolor painting, moving it around until I got, what I thought was, the best background.

Then I traced the glass and cut out the little painting.

Then I took Annabelle’s handprints and cut out the one I liked best.  Then using a thin point black sharpie I wrote around the border of the hand, “Thank you for always being there to hold my hand.  Love, Annabelle  June 2012.”

Finally, I taped the hand to the watercolor background and reassembled the frame.

Annabelle was thrilled with the little framed result.  She kept squealing, “A painting!  A painting!  Annabelle’s hand!  Hi fingers!”  She even started kissing her little craft and laying her hand down on top of her handprint, sort of like she was giving her handprint a high five.  Super cute.

Of course she wanted to “Give daddy painting!  Give daddy painting!” right away, but I told her we had to wait until Father’s Day, so I let her help me hide it in a drawer.  We’ve already visited it a few times.  She keeps asking to check in on the little guy.

So, do you have any fun gift ideas for Father’s Day?  Any plans for crafting something with your little one?

P.S. I asked Mike not to read today’s post so he would be surprised with his little gift.  I’ll let you know what his reaction is on Monday!

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  2. diana rossi says:

    That is so cute! He is going to love it :)

  3. To help with hand prints you have to roll your hand over the little hand to add pressure and to control little fingers. I teach two year folds use this trick daily.

  4. What kind of paper did you use? Just basic copy paper it looks like?


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