Ten Things I Would Tell My Pregnant Self

If I could go all “Back To The Future” and speak to my pregnant self, here are ten little things I would tell her (er, me)…

1.  Sleep, seriously.  I know everyone tells you this, but it’s worth repeating.  Sleep.  Sure you know all about the crazy schedule that babies keep, and that you will be up all hours of the night, but let me tell you something you might not know.  Even when you do get to sleep, even when your baby is blissfully frolicking through dreamland and you are snuggled up in your own bed, your sleep will be different than it was before.  For you will soon have Mommy Ears.  And Mommy Ears never fully turn off, never fully rest.  For they are always listening for little cries, little sighs, little precious baby’s breath.

2.  I hate to be the one to tell you this, but pregnancy brain is not a temporary thing.  You will never get your full pre-pregnancy brain back. Your sweet little one will suck out some of your smarts and your brain will never fully recover.  Sorry, sometimes the truth hurts.

3.  I know you need to pee a lot right now, but relish getting to do it alone.

4.  Take looooooong, hot, uninterrupted showers.

5.  Enjoy the boobs.  You don’t get to keep them.

6.  Make lots of freeze ahead meals.  They will be your family’s little dinner lifeline.  Otherwise prepare to live on take-out and peanut butter and crackers for a few weeks.

7.  Appreciate the little things, like getting to look friends in the face when they are talking to you, eating a meal while it’s still hot, doing jumping jacks without peeing a little bit.

8.  The sweetest sound you will ever hear is your little one calling you “Mommy.”

9.  You are about to fall so deeply in love you will never be able to remember a moment when she wasn’t your everything.

10. You can do this.

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  1. donnaheaney says:

    Kelly – Dad and I love you the way that you and Mike love Annabelle – and it doesn’t matter how old you get – you will always be our precious baby.

  2. Christie says:

    Kelly…you made me think what i would tell my pregnant self…breastfeeding would be the hardest yet most special time you will ever have with your baby…so when your nipples are bruised and nibbled practically off, it will be over before you know it. Also breastfeeding is not birth control…i.e. james…my little boy!

  3. Numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5 had me in hysterics. The things I would tell my pre-children self would be..write a novel, run for prime minister, do a marathon…do something with the oodles and oodles and oodles of free time you have! Though I’m sure when my children are in school and I have time to myself again, I will forget all about it!

    • Oooooh! Those are good ones. I love “write a novel”…Yes, the oodles of free time! Isn’t it a wonder what we did with all that when we had it?!

  4. This is so cute!
    #2… I use this as an excuse all the time now… ‘mommy brain’ haha.
    #4. Oh showers… long showers… how I miss those! I’m lucky if I get to wash my hair every other day!
    #6. This is super-helpful… my parents came and make some freeze meals. They were gone in days. Should have made more when I had free time (little did i know when i was pregnant that i had so much free time!)
    #10… ‘you can do this’… I tell myself that every day… when the laundry and dishes pile up, when the bathroom needs cleaning, when avery is crying and i can’t figure out why, or when i have to work 8 hours, commute 2, and get everything else done when i get home… I am my own cheerleader most days, and man does it help!

    Awesome post!


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