Framing A Keepsake T-Shirt

When Annabelle was about a year old I bought her an adorable little t-shirt that read “Laugh Until Your Belly Aches.”  When I saw it in the store, it just made me smile.  I loved the idea of her being so happy…laughing so hard…that her little belly ached with joy.  Plus the sunny yellow color of the shirt and the different colored lettering just screamed HAPPY!

When she grew out of the shirt, it seemed too cute to just pack away.  So I decided instead to make it into a little piece of “art” for her room.

First, I got a white 11×14 frame from target for $6.98 (sweet!).

Then I took the frame apart and traced the inside of the matting onto a piece of cardboard (I actually used the cardboard the frame came in).

I then cut out the rectangle I traced.  I made the cut out slightly bigger than the tracing so that the cardboard and matting would overlap.

Then I put the piece of cardboard inside the shirt to see how it looked.

When I did, I noticed that you could see the brown of the cardboard through the shirt, so I cut out two pieces of thick white cardstock and taped them (one on top of the other) onto the cardboard.  This way brown wouldn’t peak through the t-shirt and the yellow of the shirt would really pop.

I then cut the back of the shirt down the middle, and started pulling and stretching and taping the shirt into place using electrical tape.

I would tape a small section, then flip it over and check the front, then flip it back over and tape some more.  As I got sections in place, I cut away extra fabric, so that the taped side wouldn’t be all bumpy and the backing of the frame would slip back on easily.

Once the wording was centered, I taped it down securely with bigger pieces of tape.  The back actually looks like a crazy big mess!  But I knew it didn’t matter since it wouldn’t be seen.

Next I took the matting and centered it over the wording, taping it in place once I was happy with how it looked.

Then I reassembled the frame.

I actually think it came out pretty cute.  This is how it looks hanging up in her room.

The saying still makes me smile…and now so does the memory of her sweet-little-self wearing that happy t-shirt.

Do you have any pieces of clothing from your little ones that are just too sweet to pack away?  If so, what have you done with them?

P.S. If you can sew, I saw a super cute idea for a t-shirt quilt on a sweet little blog called Pillows A-La-Mode.  Years ago she made a quilt for her son when he graduated high school using all of his treasured t-shirts.  Now her granddaughters use it to snuggle up with.  Precious!

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  1. Adorable! I might have to try this one myself :)

  2. That is SOOOOOO adorable! I must try it! And thank you for the shout out, too! A lovely post all the way through. :) Best, Katherine

  3. It looks adorable in her room….and it makes me smile when I see it too!

  4. Christie says:

    so cute! I did that with my kids’ take home outfit from the hospital. The outfit was just so special..too special to just put it away.. I put it in a shadow box along with their ankle tags and my tags and their little white hat and name cards from their little bassinett… I have them hanging up in their rooms as a little reminder of that special day!

  5. This is such a fabulous idea! She will really appreciate this as she grows older. Wouldn’t it be cute to have a little pic of her in the t-shirt taped to the back of the frame.

    • Oh! That is such a great idea! Ok, I’m going to do that and put the date (of her in the picture) on the back too…thank you!!

  6. I had many cute clothes I couldn’t part with through the years. I gave a lot of them to my daughter to dress her dolls in. That way they still lived on. Love the frame idea. And since I didn’t get rid of my favorite clothes, I still have them handy!

    • That’s such a sweet idea to give your daughter special clothes to dress her dolls in. It must be amazing to see clothing that used to fit HER, now on her little baby dolls…

  7. What a darling idea! I plan to try this with my new little one :)

  8. What a super cute idea and piece of art! I love this and it made me happy just seeing it…two thumbs up mame!

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