Hangin’ Tough: An Organizing Challenge

Why yes…I did just use a little New Kids On The Block reference in the title of this post.  At the risk of aging myself even further than the reference alone, I will go on to tell you that not only DID I see the NKOTB perform, back in the day, BUT I saw them open for….are you ready?…TIFFANY!  Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh….goodness.

Anyway, on to my little Organizing Challenge!

I know that for most of us, it’s hard to purge our clothes closets.  We hold onto items that…

We never wear (but one day we KNOW we will again, really!).

That no longer fit (but one day we SWEAR it will again.  Cross our hearts!).

That aren’t even in style anymore (but MIGHT come back one day soon!).

From going through many a client’s closet, as well as the battles I have with my own inner hoarder of clothing, I’ve seen it all.

A tip I’ve heard (but never tried until now) for seeing what you TRULY wear and what is just taking up precious space in your closet, is the hanger trick.  The idea is pretty simple.  You go into your closet and turn all your hangers the opposite way, by hooking them UNDER.  So instead of how they normally hang, like this…

You switch all your hangers around to hang like this…

Then after you’ve worn and washed an item and are ready to hang it back up in your closet, you hang it back the correct way.  After a set period of time you will clearly be able to see all the items you never wear, (i.e. the items still on hangers hooked under).

Genius, right?  And simple.  So I thought I would give it a go.  Generally I’m pretty good about purging and donating clothes but I KNOW for a fact that there are some sneaky items just hanging out in my closet, never getting worn.

Since we are knee deep in summer, I thought this would be the perfect time to switch up all my hangers and really see what’s going on.  My idea is to check back in on the hanger situation as the weather starts to get cooler.  Then I will see clearly what summer things NEVER got worn.  And then, I can let them go…

So, who’s willing to play along?  Come on!  You know you want to!  If you decide to play make sure you post a comment to let me know you’re taking up the challenge.  Once the weather gets cooler we can all check back in and see what this little challenge allows us to let go of…

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  1. I’m in! I need to do purging of summer stuff in particular since it is now a combination of work stuff, stuff that fits me now, stuff that fit after the baby last year and the dreaded – things that aren’t really maternity but fit me when I was pregnant. At least the official maternity stuff is gone .

  2. I am going to try this! Thanks for the great idea!!

  3. That sounds like a fantastic idea for most people. Sadly, I’m not sure I could implement it. I suspect the clothes would have to actually make it from the laundry basket back onto the hanger to make it work. :)

    • P.S. Love the NKOTB reference. Not only did I see them on tour back in the day, but I also went to a (gasp) NKOTBSB concert last Spring. It was a fun night of nostalgia with my girlfriends – a bunch of 30-something married moms.

    • Ha! Yeah the hangers are an integral part of the plan :) Your night of nostalgia with your girlfriends sounds like a blast!! Thanks so much for reading…

  4. Since I have zero closet space most items are in drawers and in under the bed storage. Any tricks for this? I did a major purge a few months ago, but I know there is much more that needs to go since I am done having babies and shouldn’t 5 different sizes of clothes.

    • Hi Stacy, since most of your clothing is in drawers and under bed storage there are two things you could try to help you figure out what to purge (if simply going through your drawers isn’t enough). You could set up an empty storage bin, and once you wear something, wash it, and are ready to put it away, put it in the empty bin. At the end of the challenge, all the items remaining in your drawers and original under bed storage bins, are things you didn’t wear. You can let all of them go. I totally understand having multiple sizes. I do too. Most women do. Since you are done having kids, I would immediately donate any items that are bigger than your current size, since you won’t be needing them anymore. Thanks so much for the question and for reading! If you ever have any requests or ideas for things you would like me to blog about, just email me at cobwebscupcakesandcrayons@yahoo.com Thanks!

  5. donnaheaney says:

    I’m game!

  6. This is a brilliant idea! I wish I had found you sooner so I could’ve joined the summer challenge. Looks like I’ll just have to start now :). Better late than never!

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