A Nap To It! Challenge and Reader’s Request

After Annabelle was born, we went through a few weeks where we ordered take-out.  A LOT.  So much so, that I accumulated a seriously embarrassing collection of plastic take-out containers.   They filled up the Tupperware drawer and started creeping their way out and setting up camp in other cabinets.  They had to be stopped.

Luckily, before they took over the entire kitchen, I reentered the world of the cooking and slowly started whittling down my collection, as I sent dinner guests home with leftover-filled containers.  So at the moment, my little collection is (somewhat) under control, albeit in need of a little neatening up.  But I do understand how it can get out of control.  From seeing many a client’s kitchen, I know that people do, for some reason, like to hoard Tupperware.  I do it too, although I’m not really sure why.  So, I thought it was the perfect little Nap To It! Challenge.  Purge and reorganize your Tupperware.

I know letting the littles play around in the Tupperware drawer is sometimes the only way anything in the kitchen gets done, so it’s an area that probably needs constant neatening up.  Annabelle doesn’t really get into mine much, so if it’s messy, I really have no one to blame but myself.

If you’re playing along, here are the steps.  Ready…set…GO!

1. Gather: If it’s not in one central location, go from cabinet to cabinet collecting all the plastic containers you own.

2. Purge: Lay out all the pieces you collected and recycle any that are warped or stained or don’t have lids that fit.  (Any without lids, if they are in good condition, can be used as drawer dividers to help organize items in your junk drawer if you have one.  BUT if you don’t have a use for them, off to recycling they go.)  If you have any extra lids remaining that don’t fit on any bowls, send them to recycling too.

3. Nest is best:  Storing containers within containers is the best way to save space.  You can use your largest container to house all of the lids, so they don’t end up all over the place.  (If your purge has resulted in most of your containers being recycled, that’s ok.  When buying a new set, get ones that nest easily inside one another.  Some also come with lids that click together, which greatly helps keep things orderly.)

4. Put Away: Decide on a central location and put all of your nested Tupperware and contained lids away.

5. Enjoy: Delight in your newly organized Tupperware drawer…until your little one gets up from their nap and tears it apart.

So, do you have any fun uses for old Tupperware containers?

P.S. Annabelle’s Sesame Street Birthday Party was wonderful!  She had an absolute BLAST!  I’m working on sorting through and uploading photos and will hopefully have something to show you guys sometime next week…

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  1. deliberatemom says:

    Great tips! I try not to accumulate too many plastic containers. I reuse old plastic containers/Tupperware for art and craft activities. I use small plastic containers as glue pots, water containers for watercolour painting and as paint pots. I also sort and organize my daughter’s toys using old plastic containers. Like her Schleich animals… I have them divided up as farm animals, jungle animals, pets, etc. It make rotating her toys a lot more efficient.

  2. donnaheaney says:

    I need storage containers so send your extra ones to me:)

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