“C” Is For Cookie: Annabelle’s Sesame Street Themed 2nd Birthday Party (Part II)

On Wednesday I told you all about the decorations, crafts and games at Annabelle’s Sesame Street party.  (If you missed it, you can check out that post HERE.)  Now, here’s a little rundown of the food…including, of course, the birthday cake!

Before lunch we put out basic chips and dip and, of course, some goldfish.  I made Elmo and Oscar veggie faces (that I had seen pinned all over Pinterest) out of cherry tomatoes, carrots, broccoli and olives.  The eyes are little Dixie cups filled with ranch dressing.

Lunch, like last year, was BBQ.  I like to label food at parties, just because I’m dorky like that and I think it looks kind of cute.  When we got married we used little frames for the seat assignments at our reception.  We ended up having a TON of extras.  So I always use them for my food labels.

I used little pails as utensil holders…

We made some Super Sangria 2.0.  (“I will UNLEASH the power of INTOXICATION.”)  I love Grover.

Instead of putting ice in the Sangria to keep it cold, which would have watered it down, Mike used tupperware containers to freeze blocks of orange juice.

Last, by certainly not least, was dessert…the best part of any birthday party, right?

In keeping with the rainbow color scheme, we had Rainbow Fruit Skewers…

Cookie Monster Cupcakes…

Chocolate Chip Cookies…

And finally, a Rainbow Cake.  (I had never made a rainbow cake before, so I was kind of nervous.  Especially since I wouldn’t know if it worked until we cut it at the party.)

So, after Annabelle blew her candles out…

…we crossed our fingers and cut the cake.  Amazingly, it worked.  Cool, right?  It actually turned out to be surprisingly easy to make.

Here’s Annabelle enjoying her birthday cake.  (The best part of this picture is Grover hanging on for dear life in the background.)

Annabelle’s favorite part of dessert was Cookie Monster’s white chocolate “eyes.” She kept asking for more.  “Please, Mommy, more eyes!  Please, Mommy!”  After everyone around her had given her the eyes off of their cupcakes, I went inside and got her a handful of leftover “eyes”, which made the birthday girl very happy.

She had a fair share of icing covering her little face, but nothing close to her Smash Cake Photos from last year.

It was a really beautiful day of watching my little one surrounded by her family and friends.  One of those days that you don’t want to end…a sweet moment that you will always remember, even if she doesn’t.

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  1. VERY cute….
    (found you on Bloggy Moms!)

  2. Awesome menu! Wow, you left no detail out… what an amazing birthday! (I’ll take some of that sangria please)!

  3. Adorable!! I’m throwing a back to school picnic tomorrow and I will definitely be using pails to keep the silverware in! It looked like an awesome time!

  4. The cake looks great Kelly! I just saw something like that on Facebook last night and liked it :)

  5. Absolutely brilliant, would love to be as creative as you! (found you on Bloggy Moms)

  6. Those cookie monster cupcakes are so sweet and that rainbow cake looks AMAZING!

  7. donnaheaney says:

    Annabelle looks adorable in the pictures you sent with this blog. The cake not only looked great but tasted great as well. It really was a lovely day and it was fun to look around and see all your creativity but especially seeing Annabelle and all the other children having so much fun and playing so well together.

  8. May I just say, WOW! You took the theme and ran with it. How completely fun, how much work, and how many memories you made. Great job, Mom.

  9. Wow! Fantastic job! LOVED the cake!

  10. stacy Russo says:

    this is a great idea I just wanted to tell you that my daughter name is also Anabelle she is turning 2 next month and we are having a Sesame Street Tea Party for her steamdo I am using some of these ideas love the veggies definite using that and goldfish!

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