Reducing Paper Clutter

A Reader’s Request and Nap To It! Challenge

Hold onto your hat because this exciting post is chock-full of TIPS and TRICKS…as well as a little Nap To It Challenge.  (Ok, so in reality this post is about paper clutter, so it’s probably not going to knock your socks off.  But it will be helpful.  THAT I can pinky swear.)

A lot of the Reader Requests that I get are about paper clutter.  What to do with it?  How to manage it?

So, I wanted to talk about how to REDUCE it.  Here are a few super easy things you can do to cut down on paper clutter.

MAGAZINES:  Ok, take a deep breath, no judgment here, and answer the following questions.

  1. How many magazine subscriptions do you have?
  2. How many do you actually have time to read?

If the numbers are the same, congratulations, you’re in the minority.  If not, welcome to the club.  Now, quickly go online and cancel subscriptions to any magazines that are just taking up space on your coffee table.  I know, I know, it’s fun to go through magazines and tear out sheets.  I do it all the time.  I LIKE having an image in front of me.  Of sticking a recipe up on my fridge or filing away a cool craft idea.  So I’m not saying get rid of all of your magazines, just cut it down to the ones you honestly read.  (Besides, the geniuses over at Pinterest have created an online, organized way to still get your tear sheet on.)

BILLS: I’d love to say just get rid of them, but of course I can’t.  What I can suggest is changing all the bills you can, over to online-paperless billing.  Why?  It saves trees!  It cuts down on clutter!  It makes bill paying faster!  Doesn’t that make you happy!?

MAIL: Now that we’ve cleared out the excess magazines, and gone all eco-friendly with our paperless billing, let’s talk junk mail.  Junk mail should be treated like an intruder.  Meaning, if at all possible, it should never be allowed to even enter your house.  How do you do this?  Easy.  Get into the habit of going through your mail OVER your recycling bin. Anything that’s junk immediately gets recycled.  It should never even TOUCH your kitchen counter.

Now if you’re up for reducing your paper clutter as a Nap To It! Challenge, here are the steps.  Ready…set…GO!

  1. Magazines:  Go online and cancel any subscriptions to magazines you do not have time to read.
  2. Bills: Change any bills that can be switched over to online-paperless billing.

Don’t you feel freer already?

P.S. If you don’t already know about my love affair with my accordion file, and how it keeps all my receipts, coupons, gift cards, invitations, etc. in order, check out this post HERE.

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  1. Great tips! I organize my magazines by tearing out my favourite articles and putting them into plastic sleeves in a binder. The binder(s) are then organize with dividers by subject (i.e. Kid’s activities, recipes, fitness, etc.).

  2. I would NOT do the paperless billing if I were anybody – I had a bad experience where my account was the victim of fraud – I switched all my paperless billing back to the old-fashioned way – I’m happy with it…. 😀

    • Oh no, Andi! That’s awful! We do all our online bill playing through our bank and have never had an issue…so sorry you were a victim of fraud.

  3. When my husband goes through the mail, he leaves everything – junk mail, torn envelopes, bills, cards, etc. strewn all over the counter. Drives. me. crazy. Who does he think is going to go through it all and throw things away, recycle, file, etc? The mail fairy?

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