Sharpie Art Personalized Plates!

Sharpie art is all over Pinterest.  The craft itself is super simple.  Find a plain white ceramic item, draw a design on it using a Sharpie, and then throw it in your oven to bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  Sounds easy enough, right?

The first Sharpie art pin that I saw was from a blog called A Beautiful Mess.  They made His & Her Coffee & Tea Mugs that are adorably clever.   I found some more Sharpie art fun on a DIY and design blog that I follow called Bliss.  She made cute mugs with simply the name of her blog on them.

So I decided that I had to try out some Sharpie art for myself.  My sister-in-law’s birthday is this month, so I thought that along with some store bought gifts, it would be nice to give her a little something homemade.  Instead of doing mugs, I decided to make a personalized plate for each member of her sweet little family.

So, off to HomeGoods I went!  There I found some plain white ceramic plates.  (I liked their fun curvy shape.)

My idea was to write their names in script, and then draw some swirly flowers and branches “growing” off of their names.  I practiced a little, doodling their names a few times…

I didn’t plan out exactly what I was going to do.  Instead I just got a basic idea of the design I was aiming for, grabbed my Sharpie and went for it.  I mean it’s not like it was permanent or anything.  Er, oh wait…

Now I would LOVE to say that I don’t plan out my crafting because I’m a spontaneous fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-kind-of-girl (you know, like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, without the whole sex for money thing) but the truth is I’m not so much spontaneous as I am plain old impatient.  I get restless during the planning stages and start itching to jump into the fun crafting part.  Sometimes it works.  Sometimes it really REALLY doesn’t.

This time I lucked out.

Here are my personalized Sharpie Plates…

I “signed” the back…

The rest of the family’s plates…

I wrapped them all together with a ribbon and a little “hand wash only” tag before I gave them to her.

When I was at HomeGoods I did pick up some white ceramic mugs.  So, once I think of something fun to do with them, I might have to get out my Sharpies again.  Maybe something for the holidays??  I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Love your plates! They turned out great! xxx Kristin

  2. I love this!!! I may even be able to handle this one!! How fun would it be to have the little ones make holiday dishes!? LOVE!

  3. Diana Rossi says:

    They are a great gift! but i dont want to use them :)

  4. Those are adorable!

  5. My niece wants to do these for her grandma for mother’s day. I was wanting to know if you had any problem with the sharpie coming off or fading?

    • Hi, Amanda. To be honest, I gave them as a gift so I don’t know how the sharpie design held up. Although from what I read online before I made them, if you hand wash them, the design won’t come off or fade. Hope that helps. I’m sure grandma would love this as a gift! Thanks for stopping by…

  6. Thanks for sharing this post!


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