Mess-Free Finger Painting

When I saw this cute idea on Pinterest, I wanted to hug the pinner.  Mess-FREE finger painting?  GENIUS, right?!

The idea came from a blog called The Hippie Housewife.  You can check out her post HERE to see exactly how to set up this fun activity.  I will tell you this though…true to its name, it is mess-free.  And that’s not even the best part…

First, it’s super entertaining!  Annabelle loved smooshing the paint around and mixing up all the colors…seeing the different patterns she could make…and “drawing” in the paint with her little fingers.

And because she was painting without getting paint everywhere she was able to get her Sesame Street characters and baby in on the fun.  (She kept making each of them “paint” and then I’d hear her whispering little words of praise to each.  “Good painting, Elmo.  Good job!”)

Another great thing about this little activity is that it’s perfect for someone with a short attention span.  Annabelle is at the stage right now where she gets bored with activities quickly, so sometimes when we do crafts the set-up and the cleanup take LONGER than the actual activity.  With this one, she could get up and move on to something else, and then mosey-on-back to “painting” when she felt like it.  I was even able to leave the “painting” out on our kitchen table (removing it during mealtimes) so she could come and play with it as she pleased.

Of course there is nothing like her being covered in paint and looking like this…

But for a change of pace, this is a PERFECT activity!

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  1. Mary Roberts says:

    I am a little slow…. Does the paint ever get on the paper? Or is the white paper there just as a background?

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    • The white paper is there just as a background…the paint never touches the paper (or anything else!)…It’s not a craft that produces any “art”, but rather an activity that the kiddies enjoy. You can check out The Hippie Housewife (the blog I found the idea on) for all the particulars on how to set it up.

  2. I did this this morning with Meg and she kept saying, “Open it? Open it?” So we did messy finger painting instead, and I made some thank notes out of her art. I love your ideas!

  3. How cool is that???! :)

  4. donnaheaney says:

    Such a great idea!!!! Wish I knew about that when you and Christopher were little.

  5. I had seen this on Pinterest too and totally love it! I will be trying it soon. Thanks for your post. The pics are adorable!
    Neaten Your Nest


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