First Day Of School Sign

It’s that time again.  Back to school…

For some mamas, this year means dropping their little ones off at school for the first time.  Waving at the departing bus, as they fight back their own tears.  For other mamas, this year brings the long drive home after leaving their all grown-up little ones at college.  That seems like ages away to me and yet I still get all teary just thinking about it…

For me, this September brings a first, as Annabelle will be starting school.  She’s only going a few mornings a week for a couple of hours and yet the pit in my stomach gets more and more hollow as I count down the days.   I tell myself that she will love it.  That it’s only a few hours.  That she is, literally, around the corner if I need to rush there and get her.  That it is important for her to do something without me.  That she will adjust and love being “on her own”, making new friends and learning new activities.  All that good stuff, but still, well, you mamas that are reading this…you KNOW.

I wanted to make a little something to mark this big step.  I decided a little “First Day Of School” sign that we could take her picture with every year would be wonderful.  I made it in a frame so I could use the glass as a dry erase board, and personalize the sign every year with her age, the date, her grade, etc.

It was a super easy craft.  First I got a nice big frame.  (It was actually one I already had that I wasn’t using.)

Then, I took two pretty pieces of scrapbook paper and cut them down to fit the frame.  Using stencils, I wrote out the words “First Day Of School”, first in pencil….

…and then I traced and colored them in with a black sharpie.

Since I needed two pieces of scrapbook paper to fill the frame, I taped two pieces of paper together…

and then taped a piece of blue ribbon across.  I liked that the ribbon hide the seam, and that it divided up the sign, leaving the bottom portion open for writing.  Then I reassembled the frame.

Here’s little Annabelle’s “First Day Of School” sign…

And this is what it looks like with a little personalization, using a dry erase marker.

I have to admit, I’m in Love with this little sign.  Is it making the pit in my stomach go away?  No.  But it is making me smile through slightly teary eyes.  I’ll be sure to share Annabelle’s First Day Of School pictures with you guys once we take them.

So, do you have any First Day Of School traditions?

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  1. donnaheaney says:

    It’s such a great idea. I wish I had done something like that when you and Christopher were in school.

  2. I am so making that!!

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