A Vase To Yarn For

When I saw these vases in a recent Crate & Barrel catalogue…

…they looked like they were wrapped in yarn.  Turns out they are actually stoneware, but they got me thinking…I bet I could fancy up a plain ol’ vase by wrapping it in pretty yarn.

So I took a super simple glass vase that had come with flowers Mike had sent me (Aw…)

and some yarn and…


Confession Time: This yarn was supposed to be a blanket.  A blanket I was crocheting for Annabelle.  I started when I was pregnant (before we even knew the baby in my belly was a sweet little girl) and never finished.  I’m not very good at crocheting and only know how to do a basic stich.  So I kept dropping and adding stitches which made the edge of my blanket all wonky and wavy.  I got frustrated and stopped.  Pause to picture me hanging my head in shame.

Ok, now back to the project at hand.  First I tied the yarn in a knot at the top of the vase.

Then I just started wrapping the yarn tightly around…and around…and around.  I was able to hide the “tail” from the knot I made under the wrapped yarn.

As a wrapped I added lines of glue dots to the vase and pressed the yarn against it.  I did this sporadically as I wrapped, just to keep the yarn in place.  Here’s a little shot of what the inside of the vase looks like, so you can see the glue dots.

I have to say that while this craft wasn’t at all difficult, it did take a looooong time.  I wrapped at night while Mike and I watched TV.  Because I was using glue dots I was able to take the occasional break to stretch out my hands and eat ice cream.  After two nights of Netflix the vase looked like this…

When I was done wrapping, I tied another knot, on the same side of the vase as the knot at the top.

Next I took some ribbon and again using glue dots, wrapped a piece around the top and the bottom.  This gave it a cute border and covered the tiny knots.

Then I took a thinner gold piece of ribbon and wrapped it around the top and tied a little bow.

I had bought some fake flowers at Michael’s to put in the vase when it was done.

So I cut them down until they were a good height for the vase.  This is what it looked like all done.

And this is what it looks like in our room on my little vanity.

A cute, cheap and easy way to make a plain ol’ vase go from this…

To this!

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  1. Love this!

  2. Whoa!!!! I love this!!! I have so. much. yarn. that I could use for this. I didn’t know you crochet :) I also end up adding stitches when I crochet. I know how to fix it but if I’m not careful it happens. I can look at your blanket if you want to fix it.

  3. Lovely! I’ll be trying this, thanks for the tip!!

  4. This turned out so adorable! I have been wanting to wrap things in yarn or rope for a while. I saw a cute end table wrapped with rope and it was so cute. I love the vase though and have some plain glass vases just waiting to be wrapped up! Thanks!

    Oh, and on the crochet note….I tried to crochet a blanket when I was pregnant with my first. It turned into a really long skinny triangle as I kept missing the last stitch. Oh well!

    • An end table!? How cool is that?! If you make a vase send pictures!

      It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in being a crocheting disaster. Your description of a really long skinny triangle made me giggle!

  5. It is so adorable!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’m kind of surprised with how cute it turned out. I had moments when I was wrapping and wrapping AND wrapping when I thought, maybe this is a stupid idea!

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