Organizing: The Daily Five

For me, organizing was first a love.  Then it became a job I loved.  Now as a mama, it’s a (sometimes elusive) necessity.

Life with a toddler is CRAZY.  And being disorganized only adds a mountain of stress on top of all that craziness.  When it was just Mike and me, keeping things organized was pretty easy.  And it wasn’t just because there were only two of us to keep after.  We also had TIME.

Yeah, remember TIME?  That thing you had loads of before you had kids?  That thing you probably never appreciated, but now wonder what the heck you did with when you had it?   Yeah, TIME.

Well with Annabelle running around, time is now in short supply.  So, I like to find things that are quick and easy to do on a daily basis, to help keep things (somewhat) orderly.  Of course I adore a good two-hour organizing makeover, but on an average week, that’s just not possible.

So I wanted to share a little list with you guys called…

Are you ready for it?

5 Super Quick And Easy Things You Can Do Daily To Feel More Organized

Ok, here we go…

1.    Make your bed

I know this sounds ridiculously simple and you may be having flashbacks to teenage struggles with your mom, but let me tell you that making your bed every morning instantaneously changes the look and feel of your bedroom.  It’s like the organizing equivalent to wearing the right jeans for your body.  Instant transformation.

Yeah…that’s not my bedroom.

2.    Clean Out Your Purse/Diaper Bag Daily

It’s truly amazing the amount of trash and goldfish and dirty tissues that find their way to the bottom of my diaper bag after only one outing.  So when I come home, I dump the whole thing out on the kitchen counter.  I throw away the junk, replenish what needs to be replenished (diapers, wipes, etc.) and repack everything.  Takes about 5 minutes.  Saves me from lugging around trash and prevents me from running out of the house with a diaper-less diaper bag.  Ditto for my purse.

3. Keep A Calendar

I can tell you with the utmost certainly that if I didn’t keep one, I would never know where I was supposed to be.  Find the kind that works for you (electronic, a little planner, a wall calendar stuck on your fridge) and write down all of your appointments.  If you keep an electronic calendar, set reminders for yourself.  On Sundays take a glance at what your upcoming week looks like so you can prepare.  Daily, look at what the next day holds.

4. Keep A To-Do List

When a very dear friend of mine told me that she doesn’t keep a to-do list, I was seriously at a loss for words.  “Then how do you…? But, um….? I don’t understand…”  See, I have a serious love for my to-do list.  More specifically for crossing things OFF of my to-do list.  Love.  It’s how I map out my day, my week.  So I don’t understand how my friend functions without one.  She’s not alone though.  The truth is a majority of my clients when I start working with them, don’t keep one either.  Or if they do, they have many little lists floating around their homes.  Do yourself a favor and pick one central place…your blackberry, a pretty journal, a basic lined pad, and keep a to-do list.   When it’s a muddled list in your brain, it’s very hard to know where to start.  When it’s all written out in front of you, you’ll be surprised how much clearer things seem.  Plus then you get to cross things off.

5.    Do A Daily Fury

If you don’t know what the Fury is, pause for a moment and read this post HERE.  I’ll wait.  Ok, you’re back.  Now find that 15 minutes.  Maybe during your child’s nap?  Or at night right before you allow yourself to flop down on the couch for some Must See TV.  Set the timer and just go for it.

 6.    I know, I know, the title says 5 Things but I’m throwing in a 6th for good luck.  Besides this one is actually the most important of all.   Give Yourself A Break. No one has it all together.  No one.  Even the people who look like they do, don’t.  Trust me.  I mean, I certainly don’t.  There are many days when I turn to Mike and say, “If anyone saw our house right now, I would lose all my clients.” So, cut yourself some slack.  If at the end of the day your kids are happy and safely tucked into their beds then you’re doing your job perfectly, mama.  Perfectly.

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  1. Chalk board pens… Brilliant!!

  2. It’s too bad that women with children feel the pressure of having to keep their homes immaculate. Time goes by so quickly and your babies are grown up. But if someone drops in on you and your house is a mess but you’ve been playing with your children all day who would be the brave woman who would not be embarrassed by her messy home? In reality we all wish we could have this cavalier attitude but most of us seem to wrongly care what other people think and say about us. For the rare women who don’t care what people think of them – good for you!

  3. …and with two kids, I add a No. 7:

    Do one load of washing every day.

    Great list, thanks

  4. So many great ideas delivered with self distance and respect for real life. I truly like that! What a nice and inspiring blog you have!

  5. I LOVE making lists but I’m guiilty of scribbling them on any scrap of paper I can find. You’ve inspired me to keep a list notebook. Because if there’s anything I love as much as a list it’s a blank notebook. Love them.

    • Having one list in a central place really does help you to be more focused. I’m all about having little pads around the house to write things down as they pop into your head, but then I consolidate them onto my main to-do list. I can see clearly when everything is in front of me in one place. I adore blank notebooks as well. Just bought a new one for all my blogging notes. It says “ideas” on the cover and it just makes me happy.

  6. I really need to embrace this list idea. I am going to start right now.

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