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A BIG thank you to Haley over at Team Ibrahim for featuring my First Day Of School Sign post today.

A little bit about Team Ibrahim, in Haley’s words…

Our team includes a DIY-ing, Crafting, Top-Chef Wanna-Be Mommy, a Daddy who lives for BBQ season and competes on a team at the “World Series of BBQ”, who is an expert-traveler, and speaks several languages, none of which include the one our one-year old daughter speaks. Elia is always on the go and loves her big brother, Jackson, who is a Husky-Beagle mix who adopted us over 6 years ago. We love learning new things and one way that we do is to try Pinterest projects and share the results with YOU! Follow along to see the good, the bad, and the “OMG-UG-LEE!”

Please head on over to Haley’s blog to show her a little love!

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Thanks again, Haley!
P.S. Click HERE to see Annabelle’s pictures with her First Day Of School Sign!

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