Update: Dinner Recipe Contest

Today was supposed to be the last day for voting.  However, a bunch of readers have asked that I extend the deadline so that they have enough time to try out all the recipes before voting.  (I must confess, I’ve only gotten to make a few myself.)  So, the new voting deadline will be Monday, October 1st.

If you are new to my blog and don’t know what the Dinner Recipe Contest is you can read all about it HERE…and then check out all the yummy submitted recipes below.

The poll for voting for your favorite is on the righthand side.  Again, if a recipe was submitted by a blogger, I’ve put a link to their blog.  If you like their recipe make sure you stop by their blog to show them some love!

Bon Appétit!

Chicken Pillows (Submitted by Pillows A-La-Mode)

Broccoli Chicken Casserole (Submitted by Kathy B.)

Lady And Son’s Chicken In Wine Sauce (Submitted by Moore Than A Mommy)

Garlic Chicken and Roasted Asparagus (Submitted by Amy W.)

Pile On (Submitted by Mindy M.)

Santa Fe Chicken (Submitted by Mary R.)

Seafood Oreganata (Submitted by Janet C.)

Coq Au Vin (Submitted by Janeen S.)

Garlic Basil Chicken Topped With Caprese Salad (Submitted by Karen F. / Originally From: For the Love of Cooking)

Lazy Sunday Casserole (Submitted by Illanna S. / Originally From: Kayotic Kitchen)

Mexican Chicken (Submitted by Erik R.)

Thai Basil Chicken (Submitted by Deborah D.)

Chicken In A Pot (Submitted by Colleen F. / Originally From: The Wall Street Journal)

Bolinho De Arroz (Rice Cakes) (Submitted by Rio Soul Inc.)

The winner will be announced on Wednesday, October 3rd.

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