Fingerprint Heart

As I told you guys on Friday, Wednesday is Mike and my 4 year anniversary.  So to honor that, I thought I would share some love-themed crafts with you this week.  Yup, it’s about to get all lovey-dovey up in here …

The first craft I want to share this week was inspired (as so many things now are) by something I found on Pinterest.

These sweet personalized prints are made by Nella Designs.  (They can be purchased here on Etsy.)

I loved the idea of making a heart out of our fingerprints and thought it would make a sweet-little-something to put on my bedside end table.  So this weekend, we got crafty.

First I bought an teeny-tiny frame at Michael’s.  I wanted something just big enough to fit the heart and maybe a few words.

Then came time to make our heart.  Using a foam brush, we painted our thumbs red and pressed them onto white scrapbooking paper, trying to angle our prints so that together, they would form a heart.

I wanted to really see the lines in our fingerprints.  This seemed to be achieved with the second press after each application of paint.

It took a little bit of practice.  The hardest part was getting the bottom of our thumbprints to overlap at just the right angle to make a heart.

But finally (!) we got it!

I may have actually screamed when Mike lifted his thumb and it looked like a heart.  I may have.  I’m not admitting anything.

Once we got a heart shaped print, it was time to figure out how I wanted to decorate it.  I doodled a few ideas on the scrap hearts and cut them out to show Mike.

We liked the word “Everything” above the heart and our wedding date (9.19.08) below.  “Everything” by Michael Bublé was our wedding song…plus it’s just a sweet word to describe a love.  Everything.

I kind of held my breath when I was writing on the heart print I wanted to frame. I didn’t want to have to start all over.

Luckly, I didn’t mess it up.  Here’s what it looks like framed…

Yeah, it deserves a little “aw”.  As does the fact that my husband sweetly indulges my crafting addiction….thanks, baby.

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P.P.S. I’ll be back on Wednesday with another love-themed craft.

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  1. donnaheaney says:

    Very cute! You do have a very sweet husband!

  2. This is so sweet and simple. I’m definitely going to be crafting this one!

  3. Ahh! Really sweet! Lovely that you are both so happy together, with little Annabelle, as well!

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