The Good Neighbor Award

When I first started my little blog four months ago, I did it because I wanted a creative outlet.  I have since fallen in love with blogging and the bloggy world.  It is so much more supportive and social then I ever imagined sitting alone at your computer writing would be…

One of the first “strangers” to follow my blog was Katherine, the writer of a lovely blog, Pillows A-La-Mode.  I remember calling up Mike at work and giddily telling him, “I have my first follower that I DON’T KNOW!!!!”  It was a blogging milestone.  I mean, it was just the coolest thing to me that someone beyond my family and friends wanted to visit my little corner of the internet…

Pillows A-La-Mode has since become one of my favorite blogs.  This month Katherine celebrated her One Year Blogging Anniversary.  To celebrate she created the Good Neighbor Award.  She put the call out to her fellow bloggers to nominate a blogger (or many bloggers) that they wished lived next door to them.  She asked that with the nomination you tell her why you had chosen that person.  Because they inspire you with their craftiness?  Because you’d love to get together with them and have a cup of coffee and chat?  Because you want to cook or sew with them?

What a beautiful idea…right?  She also offered a prize to the blogger who received the most nominations.  In the past Katherine has written these amazing posts where she takes a previously loved item of clothing, and turns it into something else.  For example she took a lace tank top and…are you ready?…turned it into a headband, a flower pin and hair bow, a mini origami lotus bag, a bracelet purse, a luggage tag, and a pillow.  From ONE TANK TOP.  Her gift to the blogger who received the most nominations was to take a previously loved item of their choice and to let her work her magic, giving it a new life.

This weekend I was beyond touched to discover that I had not only been nominated, but that my little blog had received the most nominations.  I literally gasped our loud, mouth kind of hanging open when I read her post.  And then the giddiness flooded in.  Along with a list of all the nominated blogs (some of which I follow, some of which I can’t wait to explore) she included the reasons people nominated the bloggers they did.  It was anonymous, so you didn’t know which comments were about you, but you couldn’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy reading the way all our little blogs had touched and inspired one another.

In creating this award, Katherine gave everyone a little gift.  Thank you, Katherine!

After the shock wore off I ran to my closet to decide what I was going to send her.  I chose a little sundress that has a lot of happy memories attached to it, but now that I’m a mama seems a little, well…SHORT.  I know that I will never wear it again, so I am very excited to send it off to Katherine and see what she turns it into.

Please go and check out Katherine’s blog…And if you’re looking for new blogs to follow, check out the list of nominated blogs below!

Thanks again, Katherine!



The GOOD NEIGHBOR AWARDS (in alphabetical order) go to . . .

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  1. Congrats Kelly!!

  2. What a sweet post! And congratulations, Kelly!!! And I can’t wait to start working on your prize! :)

  3. Katherine IS amazing!! Such a wonderful lady always thinking to take care of others and spreading joy around :) can’t wait to discover your blog!

  4. Lovely :) Congrats!

  5. Congratulations Kelly!
    Beautifully written about a fantastic artist and person! We are also curious about what creations her touch of magic will make out of your sundress :)
    And thank you for adding the list of wonderful blogs to discover, perfect for a Monday evening and a cup of tea. Have a nice week!

  6. Mary Roberts says:

    Congrats Kelly! I am so proud!! I saw a cool way to reuse old baby clothes and create a cool keepsake by making them into a quilt! I saw it in uncommon goods. I am sure someone has recreated it on Pinterest too. It might be a fun one for your blog. Xoxox M

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  7. Congrats!!! I love that!!! Cant wait to see what she makes!!!!!

  8. Congratulations! I’m so excite for you and proud of you! And I want to be your neighbor too!

  9. A big congratulations to you! xo

  10. Congratulations Kelly! I am so proud of you.

  11. Your treasures are ready to put in the mail tomorrow! I just photographed everything and wrote my blog post . . . would you like me to hold it until the package arrives to keep it a surprise? :)

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