Let’s Get Rolling: The T-Shirt Drawer

If you are participating in the Clutter-Buster Boot Camp: The Closet Edition here is your first assignment…should you choose to accept it, of course!

When Mike’s t-shirt drawer was so stuffed it no longer closed, I knew it was time for a little purging.  Are you guys ready to tackle your t-shirts?  Ok, here we go…

First I emptied out both of our t-shirt drawers and laid the contents out on our bed.

Look at that.  For two people that is a ridiculous amount of t-shirts.  Ridiculous.

Next came purging which, considering we were just tackling t-shirts, was pretty quick and easy.

We said goodbye to anything that:

1. Had seen better days (i.e. had holes or stains).

2. Didn’t mean anything to us (i.e. all those random t-shirts that are giveaways from events, bars, etc.).

3. And the obvious one…the ones that we never (ever) wore.

Together we said goodbye to TWENTY-NINE t-shirts.  TWENTY-NINE!  Anything not in great shape went in the trash.  The others got folded up and put in a bag for donation.  (At the end of the Clutter-Buster Boot Camp I’ll be sending off all of our donated items at once.)

Then came time to put away the ones we were keeping.  With t-shirts (and a few other items) I am a big fan of rolling.  One, it looks pretty.  Two, rolling your shirts allows you to see everything in your drawer the way folding and stacking doesn’t.  You know how you have those shirts that are on the bottom of your drawer that never get worn because you don’t see them?  Yup, this solves that problem.

To show you guys what I’m talking about, this is a picture of Mike’s t-shirt drawer with everything put away folded.

Neat, right?  But he can’t see all of the shirts he has in there unless he takes out the stacks.  Now this is what it looks like with all the shirts rolled.

Pretty, right?  And he can see everything he has.

If you’re sold on rolling, here’s a little step-by-step tutorial on how to (rock n’) roll your shirts…

Note: If rolling is not your thing, after Step Four simply fold the bottom of your t-shirt up to meet the top.  

Ok, to review…

1. Gather all of your t-shirts in one place.

2. Get rid of anything that you don’t wear, that means nothing to you and that is no longer in good shape.

3. Pack up any items that are suitable for donation.  (We will do a big donation at the end of Boot Camp.)

3. Get rolling.

I will post the next assignment in the Clutter-Buster Boot Camp: The Closet Edition next Friday, so you have a week to get your t-shirt drawer in order.  Let me know how purging goes!  I’m off to start assignment number two…wish me luck!

P.S. Having trouble parting with keepsake t-shirts even though you never wear them?  How about framing them like I did with Annabelle’s T-Shirt…or turning them into a quilt like Pillows A-La-Mode did??

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  1. This just went to the top of my weekend projects! Thank you! :)

  2. Wahoo! I did this a couple a weeks ago, so I on “vacation” for this assigment 😉 feels like skipping a course in college lol! But i don’t roll my t-shirts…so i’ve got a question for you as i was looking to your neat drawers… When you take a couple of t-shirts from that drawers aren’t the one staying in falling appart? I know, i’m dumb but just wondering if I should do that 😉

  3. I love the rolling method! When I travel I roll my tops in the bottom of the suitcase then place my pants, etc on the top. When I arrive at my destination I can remove the top layer leaving the tops exposed. If I am traveling from hotel to hotel I don’t have to unpack the tops at all. Grandma used to roll her tops so I got the idea from her!

  4. Great Idea. This will help me on my next Vacation.

  5. donnaheaney says:

    What a great idea – can’t wait to tackle my dresser!

  6. LOVE rolling clothes! All my kids dressers are like this. Saves time and sanity and space! Best suitcase packing idea too. :)

  7. I’ve heard the rolling tip for traveling (it’s supposed to be a space saver) but I’ve never used it at my house. LOVE the idea of rolling the tshirts! I hang most of my clothes, but my t shirts are in a drawer and I only wear the top layer that I can see! I’m totally doing this!!!!

  8. I am laughing so hard right now! I absolutely love this : )

  9. I love this! I had never thought about rolling my t’s so I could see them all! Fabuloso!!!


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