Working Up A Sweat!

For all of you participating in the Clutter-Buster Boot Camp: The Closet Edition are you ready for assignment #2?  (In my head I hear you all enthusiastically screaming “Yeah!!”)

Er…anyway.  Here it is.  Let’s get cracking on our Workout Clothes and Sweats.

This past weekend Mike and I tackled ours and we were able to pare things down considerably.  Like with our t-shirt drawers, first we gathered up all of our workout clothes and sweats and put them on the bed.

Seriously.  Again there are only two of us.  When we’re in the workout groove we hit the gym roughy four times a week.  We seriously do not need all of these clothes.


While going through our piles we asked ourselves (and each other):

1. Do I wear this?

2. Is it comfortable to run/downward dog/jump/kickbox/etc. in?  If the answer was no…off it went.

3. Is it in good condition?  Again all no’s went bye-bye.

4. When I wear this do you sometimes pretend that you don’t know me?

We were able to let go of all of this….

Yay, us!  Then came time to put things away.  I don’t roll our workout clothes because the dry fit material is too slippery for the rolls to stay, so it’s good old fashion folding.

The trick to making your drawers look pretty is to:

1. Group items by type.

2. Pick a method of folding and stick to it.  

I divided our clothing up by type (workout tops, workout pants and shorts, sweatshirts and sweatpants), folded all and put them away by type.

Here are some after pictures.

Now, if you are ready to jump in and tackle all your workout clothes and sweats, here’s a quick review of the steps:

1. Gather up all of your workout clothes and sweats.

2. Go through your clothes asking yourself the questions we did.  Do I wear this item?  Is it comfortable?  Is it in good condition?

3. Pack up any items that you are getting rid of for donation.

4. Sort the items you are keeping by type (workout tops, shorts and pants, sweatshirts, etc.).

5. Fold all items (picking one method of folding that you like) and put items away by type.

6. Get ready to hit the gym!

P.S. If you missed the first assignment in The Clutter-Buster Boot Camp: The Closet Edition, have no fear. You can check it out HERE.

P.P.S. I’ll be posting assignment #3 next Friday.  Get ready.  It’s about to get personal.

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  1. Are we living parallel lives? We just did this. I have a blog post in the Drafts folder about this issue. This is a great thing to do and it’s so liberating at the the end of the day, you can almost feel the breeze running through your rooms due to the extra room.

  2. That is so funny! Bloggy friends think alike. It makes me happier than I should probably admit when I open my neat dresser drawers in the morning!!

  3. These are great ideas to consider when trying to get yourself to purge – especially – “When I wear this do you pretend that you don’t know me” – I really got a laugh out of that one!

  4. Haha, question #4 that you and Mike asked each other made me laugh out loud!

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