Spooky Hand And Foot Prints

For the holidays I like to make little crafts with Annabelle that I can put out each year as decorations.  This year we’ve made a few for Halloween.  These two were inspired by crafts I saw on Pinterest.

The first is from the blog Happenings Of The Harper Household.  She made Halloween cards with tiny handprint spiders.

I thought this little guy would be a perfect craft to make with Annabelle and then frame as a sweet Halloween keepsake decoration.  You can head on over to Danielle’s blog to get step-by-step instructions on how to make a spider with your little love.

Here’s Annabelle’s creepy-crawling little masterpiece…

She LOVED having her hand painted and making little handprints.  She kept saying, “Mommy paint my hand again.  Please, Mommy!”  So we ended up with A LOT of extra little prints.  I added a little “Happy Halloween” caption and the date to her picture so we’ll remember when we made this little craft together.

The next craft I found on Evolving Mommy.  She made cards with little footprint ghosts on them.

I thought this craft would also be super fun for Annabelle.  You can head on over too Catherine’s blog to get step-by-step instructions on how to turn your little one’s tootsies into scary ghosts.

Again, Annabelle was a BIG fan of getting painted.  She loved stepping on the paper to make her little print…and was cheering like crazy with me when we got one that was perfect.  Here’s her spooky little picture…

I know that every year when I unpack my Halloween decorations, the memory of making these with her (as well as seeing her tiny framed prints) will make me smile.

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  1. I love love LOVE these!

  2. These are great! Forwarding to my sister who runs a daycare out of her home! :-)

  3. This is an adorable idea!

  4. These are so adorable and such great keepsakes!

  5. Awww, these are the cutest kid-friendly projects ever!

  6. If you loved doing these I need to post you the DIY crafts for the past 3 years of Christmas cards. Especially the first one. I’ll get off my butt and do it in Nov so that anyone that wants to do them can do them in time. These are awesome and paint + kids is like utopia for them!

  7. Kelly – Thanks so much for sharing my hand print spider with your readers and also linking back to my blog! It is much appreciated!! I love how you put it in a frame and I wanted to share that I also have a Santa hand print craft that I actually framed if you wanna check it out. I’m also adding a bat hand print tutorial to my blog later this evening. Happy crafting! http://happeningsoftheharperhousehold.net/2010/11/follow-star-santa-handprint/

    • Oh the Santa handprint is so cute! I may have to try that with Annabelle this year…see if she will keep her little hand open and flat. The bat one is pretty adorable too. I love crafts like this that you can do with your little ones and then use as keepsake decorations. Annabelle is so proud of all the decorations we made together this year. If I make either of these I’ll be sure to link back to you again…Thanks so much for sharing!

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