Halloween Word Art

I was so excited to unpack my Halloween decorations this year.  But when I did, I realized that I really didn’t have that many.  So I (along with the little Belle) have been on a mission this month to create some more.  First we made Spooky Hand and Foot Print Ghosts and Spiders.  Then we made a little finger painted Trick Or Treat sign.  Today I wanted to share some Halloween Word Art that I made (this one I made while Annabelle was napping because it involved sharpies…not the wisest tool to let her play with!)

First I found a gold frame that I had in the house but wasn’t using.  Then I cut a piece of orange cardstock to fit the frame.

Next, I went online and googled “Halloween Words” and made a little list of my favorites.

Then using stencils and two black sharpies (one thick and one thin)…

…I started drawing words (in no particular order or pattern) until the page was full of spooky words and phrases.

Some words I colored in, some I left as just an outline.

Some I used stencils to draw, some I did freehand.

Here’s the end framed result.

A pretty cute and easy holiday craft.  I see a Thanksgiving one (and a Christmas and an Easter and…) in my crafting future.

Here’s what the hutch in our kitchen looks like with all of our crafted Halloween decorations.

Off we go a haunting!!

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  1. So cute, so easy! Love that kind of decorating!! I noticed that, as my kids get older, they want more “creepy” Halloween decorations — not my favorite. I think I’ll try this one with my daughter — she likes the cute holiday stuff too!

  2. Very cute!!!

  3. So nice looking!!! I prefer your version than the computer ones :) nice hand writting by the way!

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