My Sundress Is Now…

Remember the sweet Good Neighbor Award that Katherine over at Pillows A-La-Mode started to celebrate her one year blogging anniversary?  And how I was gifted the lovely prize of sending her a previously loved garment for her to turn into something new?

Well just to refresh everyone’s memory, this is the dress that I sent her…

And you would not believe the box of goodies I got back.  Earlier this month Katherine wrote a post sharing the details of all the amazing things she made out of my dress.  When I saw this picture…

Photo From Pillows A-La-Mode

…I was speechless.  And touched.  And honestly, a bit teary eyed.  I could not believe that she had made all of those things out of my ONE dress!

So even though I knew what was heading my way, let me tell you, everything was even more sweet and lovely in person.  When the box arrived Annabelle was napping.  Once I opened it and saw that everything was individually wrapped…

…I knew I had to wait for The Belle to get up so she could help me open everything.  When she woke up I ran into her room and said, “We got presents!!”  There was lots of squealing.  And Annabelle was pretty excited too.

She was not at all shy about diving in and opening her loot.  With everything she unwrapped she would ask, “OH!  This is for me?!”

In the box was….

Are you ready!???

A GORGEOUS pillow, a jewelry pouch, a fabric flower pin, a little notebook, a Christmas mini-pillow ornament, a framed Scrabble letter C (worth three points!) in honor of my blog’s name, and a decoupaged bangle bracelet.

She made all of that out of one SUNDRESS!!  Unbelievable.  You should check out her post about how she made each item.  It’s really incredible to see what parts of the dress she used to make each little gift.  I was so excited to get a pillow made by her because (frankly) they are amazing!  Look at the detail on the front…

And the back…

Beautiful.  Just beautiful.

Of course, there was one more gift.  A precious little dress for Annabelle.  I was beyond touched that Katherine thought to make something for my little peanut.

Note that she is also wearing the bracelet.  She was a bit enamored with the mini-pillow.  She carried it around like a little purse…

How adorable is that?  Seriously.  And if all that wasn’t enough, Katherine also included three books that she wrote.

All of which Annabelle loved reading…

Katherine, I really can’t say thank you enough.  What a wonderful gift you have given me (and so many others) with this award.  And what you were able to turn my little sundress into??  Incredible.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.



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  1. donnaheaney says:

    What talent & imagination Katherine has – can’t wait to see all of this in person.

  2. How lovely! even the wrap matched and your daughter so suits that pink :) glad you enjoyed your lovely parcel. I know I enjoyed seeing the whole process :)

  3. That is incredible. I’m still staring at the collage photo!

  4. Wow, I am in awe and beyond inspired by her creativity. Just wow.

  5. OK, now I’M teary-eyed! That’s the sweetest post ever . . . both text and photos. THANK YOU, Kelly!!! :)

  6. I thought this was the neatest idea…and the little dress for your daughter was the icing on the cake…just too cute!

  7. This is beyond amazing! Love the pillow!!

  8. So generous of you to take the time to post this. It was fun for me to be involved in the feedback. Annabelle is soooo cuuuute!!!

  9. Now, THERE’S inspiration! I love, love, LOVE this, and all those things from one dress!

  10. Wow! Still can’t believe how imaginative this woman is 😉 everything looks wonderful! And that cute lace dress :) glad you received all those beautiful things!

  11. Your Annabelle is soooo adorable. Pillow-A-La-Mode was soooo creative with your sundress. What a delightful project! Congratulations on having the most votes for the Good Neighbor award. I so support the recognition. Take Care, Thea

  12. So ridiculously amazing. When I use a piece of fabric to make something, it has to be completely flat and I have to hide the back to hide all of the staples and glue. :) Her talent is impressive and the dress for Annabelle is ADORABLE!


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