DIY Halloween Centerpieces

Are you ready for some spooky inspiration?  Good!  Because it’s time for Collectively Creative…The Halloween Edition!

Today I’ve got two super easy (and cheap!) DIY Halloween Centerpieces to share with you.  Then at the end of this post, click on the links to see some more posts inspired by Halloween.

Both of the Halloween centerpieces were super simple to make.  For the first, I spray painted some rocks black and then arranged them in a pretty bowl surrounding an orange candle.  For the second centerpiece, I spray painted twigs black and then put them in vases filled with rice I had dyed black and orange.  Simple, easy and…cheap!  Ok, here’s a little breakdown of how I made each…

For the first centerpiece, I got Annabelle (my little crafting partner in crime) to help me.  First, we headed outside to the backyard to collect rocks.

She didn’t know what we were going to do with them, but she took her job of gathering them up very seriously.  (We used “Oscar’s trashcan” from her Sesame Street birthday party as a container.)

Then I washed off all of the rocks with hot water to get rid of dirt and any possible stowaways.

Once they were dry (and Annabelle was down for a nap), I spray painted the rocks black.  It took a few coats to get them nice and dark and shiny.

At the Christmas Tree Shop I bought a glass bowl (for $4) and an orange candle (for $1.99) to use for this centerpiece.

So, once the rocks were dry, Annabelle and I placed (well I placed, she sort of plopped) them into the glass bowl, surrounding the candle.


How easy is that?!

For the second centerpiece, we again headed outside, this time to gather up some twigs, which like the rocks, I spray painted black.

Then it was time to dye some rice.  Remember how Annabelle and I made rainbow rice together?  And how I used that rice to make centerpieces for her Sesame Street Birthday Party?  Well, this time I feared that if I just used water and food coloring like I did when we made the rainbow rice, that the black wouldn’t come out dark enough.  So this time I opted to dye the rice while Annabelle was sleeping so I could use rubbing alcohol.

For each mason jar I put in 1/8 cup rubbing alcohol along with the food coloring (I just kept adding drops until the color seemed deep enough).  Then I added a few cups of rice and shook the jars until all of the rice was coated in color.

I let them sit in the jars, shaking them on and off, for a few hours.  Then I dumped the rice out on paper towel lined cardboard to dry.  I did this outside because I knew the rubbing alcohol would be really smelly until the rice dried.

Once the rice was dry, it was time to assemble the centerpieces.  I scored these two glass vases, again at The Christmas Tree Shop, for $6.99 each.

Using a measuring cup, I poured in 2 cups of black rice.  Then I put my spray painted branches in.  I moved them around until they were positoned in a way that I liked.  I wanted to get the sticks in place first, because I knew if I tried to put them in after the rice, the layers would get all mixed up.

Once the sticks were in place, I poured in two cups of orange rice.  I kind of banged the sides of the vase until each layer was flat.

Then I repeated with black and orange layers until I reached the top.

Here are some pictures of all three centerpieces on my dining room table…

The glitter spider web is a Pinterest project that I’ll be posting about soon…

I love how the branches make shadows on the wall…just a touch of spooky.

I can see these pieces being redone in other holiday colors…red and green perhaps??  Maybe with candy canes?  My mind is swirling…

Ok, are you ready for some more frightful fun?

Check out all of these Halloween inspired posts by my super creative blogger friends.  They have covered the Halloween map…Decorating and Crafting Ideas!  Trick or Treating Tips!  Spooky Food!  Holiday Organizing!  A Pumpkin Keg!  (Yup, that’s right.  A PUMPKIN Keg.)

So go on and click.  Don’t be scared….



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  1. How cute and easy! I love the colored rice — such a great look and so easy! I think I might try this today.

    Thanks also for including me in your Collectively Creative idea! So. Awesome!

  2. I LOVE them both, Kelly! Thank you for the great ideas!!! :)

  3. donnaheaney says:

    The table looked great with all your projects on them!

  4. Your table looks great! I like all your ideas! :-)

  5. These are so cute! I love projects me and the kids can do together. Adorable. I especially love the rice concept, I will be trying this! Thanks for the ideas and for coming up with Collectively Creative!

    • Thanks, Erin. I know, now when I craft I try to figure out a way for Annabelle to help me…even if it’s just for part of the project. Makes it so much more fun!

      • I have a question! Do you throw the rice away after you use it or do you save it for the next year? I have no idea if rice is ok to just keep using year after year!

      • This is the first time I am doing the rice project as a holiday decoration, but I’m leaning towards throwing it away. For the centerpieces I made for Annabelle’s party, I kept the rice (in a Tupperware container) for her to play with and the colors faded a bit. Was still fine for her to play around with, but the colors didn’t look as nice. I suppose you could try keeping it (in something super airtight so as not to attract any critters looking for a snack) and see what it looked like next year??

  6. Rice!! I love it! and totally workable for every possible holiday colours! Thanks for starting this, this was a great experience!

  7. I love the centerpieces Kelly they look stunning! Thanks again for organizing Collectively Creative :)

  8. Hi Kelly! What fun this has been and thank you for inviting me to participate in this Collectively Creative! I am so in awe with everyone’s amazing ideas. I am sitting here showing your Halloween Centerpieces to my daughter and she too was so impressed when she saw them. ~Thea

  9. Both of these projects are FABULOUS! I love how thrifty they are – Sometimes I find it hard to justify spending too much money on holiday decorations because 90% of the time they’re just stored away. This is the perfect way to get into Halloween and not feel guilty about spending too much money. I’m definitely dyeing some rice in the near future… I didn’t even know you could do that!

  10. These are great projects! Also, wanted to let you know that I’ve changed the name of my blog. Beyond The Green Door is now Green Door Hospitality. :-)


  11. Halloween is not a thing in my world but the projects are amazingly beautiful and easy. I loved them.
    Now I know what to do with all the pebbles I have.


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