Glitter Spider Web

On Monday (during the Halloween Edition of Collectively Creative) I shared some super easy DIY Halloween Centerpieces that Annabelle and I made together.

The Glitter Spider Web hanging out under the candle and rock centerpiece was a Pinterest project, originally from Redbook.  

I admit, I was a bit skeptical about whether or not this project would work, but since the supplies needed were (literally) glue…


And wax paper…

I decided to go for it.

They were surprisingly easy to make.  You can head on over to Redbook for the exact how-to’s.  And while I admit that I held my breath when I was removing them from the wax paper…

They came out pretty cute.

Of course, Annabelle was a fan…

And I loved how they looked amid the centerpieces.

All that being said, I don’t know if I would make these again.  Why you ask?  Because they are MESSY.  Not making the webs, that part was easy.  But rather putting the webs, ummm….ANYWHERE.  I would gently lay them down on the table, only to find black glitter all over the table cloth.  Numerous times Annnabelle would go to touch one and I wouldn’t get there fast enough to stop her.  And then her little hand would be full of sparkly black glitter.  And, you know, that stuff STICKS.  So while they are sparklingly adorable and easy to make, this may have been a one time craft.

Then again, who knows.  I bet I could make some pretty cute snowflakes.

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  1. I would have never guessed that your web was made from glue! I hear your messy warning but I might just have to try this anyways.

  2. donnaheaney says:


  3. I am also going to try it. Mess and all!

  4. I’m with Leah — I thought that was made from craft foam, not glue! Wow!

    I love the look of glitter, but I get twitchy when it sheds its sparkles everywhere. My daughter, of course, adores it. Let’s just say we are at an impasse with it.

    Do you keep glitter in with your crafting supplies? And if so, how do you store it so it doesn’t get all over everything? (Do I sound desperate? I am!)

    • Oh my goodness, “twitchy” is the PERFECT word to describe the feeling. Ha! This project was actually the first time I bought glitter (if you can believe it) so I only had one little jar to store right now. But if you have a lot I would try to put all the glitter containers in one small plastic box (perhaps one like the clear plastic shoe boxes). This way the sparkly mess doesn’t get all over your other crafting supplies.

  5. These are so cool!! I would totally be up for making these because our house is already covered in glitter at all times thanks to my 7 year old daughter!! There is no art project in our house complete unless it has glitter!!!

  6. it looks really good! :-)

  7. I can’t believe that the glue held up like that! I would have never imagined. It does look great but I completely understand the mess.

    Thanks so much for participating in Pin it Do it challenge. I was out of town the last third of the month so got a little behind in visiting the participants but I’m thrilled at how much you got done!


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