The Yoga Mamas

A few weeks after Annabelle was born I found a listing for a local Baby & Me Yoga Class. Precious, right?  Since at this point I was WAY too chicken to take a class with my newborn alone, I called up Mary, a close girlfriend of mine (and a brand new mom herself) and asked her if she wanted to come with me.

I was so excited.  A reason to get out of the house!  A chance to workout!  A place to go that if Annabelle cried it would be ok!  If she spit up, someone would surely be there to lend me a burp cloth!  If she pooped all over the place it would be…er, ok so THAT one would still be embarrassing…but you get the point.  Newborn mama heaven.

For the entire first class I didn’t do one yoga pose.  Instead I spent the hour bouncing, rocking and nursing a swaddled and screaming Annabelle.  And while I could indeed have done all of those things at home, I was beyond thrilled to be doing them somewhere other than my couch.

Mary and I spent most of the class looking at each other and laughing.  Her son and my daughter seemed to be in an unspoken battle with one another over who could scream the longest and the loudest.  Not very Zen.   And yet, we signed up for a package and vowed to each other to keep going.

Little did I know that this yoga class would completely change my life as a new mom.  For through this class I met the Yoga Mamas.

It happened slowly.  Class would end and a group of us bleary-eyed new moms would loiter around, not quite yet ready to go home.  Then someone would toss out the casual question, “Anyone want to grab lunch?” and a bunch of eager mamas would jump on the invitation like it was a life raft.

I can’t quite pinpoint the exact moment when it happened, but slowly…naturally…we became a little group.  A group of first time mamas eager for friendship…excited to have someone to laugh about poop stories with…to commiserate over the pain of breastfeeding with…to seek advice from…to simply have someone to talk to who was experiencing the exact same “newness”.

The most remarkable thing about this group of women is how different we all are, and yet how close we have all become.  How our little group remains void of judgment.  How protective we are of one another.  How hopelessly in love we have fallen with each other’s children.

These amazing women transformed my first years of motherhood.  They have been my constant….my shoulders to lean on…my friends to laugh with…my Yoga Mamas.

And so to these sweet women I say thank you.  Thank you for your friendship.  Thank you for holding my hand as I became a mom.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I love you all so very much.

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  1. beautiful post to your friends, it is nice having them to support you when you are a new mom! :-)

  2. Love you too Kelly!! I thank God for each of you and our babies every single day! xo

  3. Mary Roberts says:

    I wish every new mom out there to have a group of yoga moms!

  4. I’m so thankful every day for the life raft that is our yoga family. I love us! I love you.

  5. donnaheaney says:

    Kelly – I am so happy you have such a nice group of friends too. I didn’t meet anyone (besides the neighbors – who had all different age children) until you went to kindergarten. You are so lucky to have these nice women in your life.

  6. Every new mommy should be blessed with the kind of love and support you all have for each other and your children. As a witness, every week in music I was in awe of the genuine love and kindness you showered on each other – whether it was a joyous moment or a group hug of support – you are all truly wonderful, loving and kind women. I was honored to witness it – hold on to each other tight. What a special bond you all share.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story Kelly!

  7. I’m so thankful for you, the Yoga Mommas, and our beautiful babies!

  8. Thank you for this delicious praise of sisterhood.

  9. I’m sooo jealous!!! what I would have give to have that back then…. I was out of my country, alone and miserable with 2 babies… You are a lucky girl, give them a hug from me!

  10. Hi Kelly,
    Your group of Yoga Mamas has been so heart warming and inspiring to all moms in class!
    Thanks to all you mamas and your beautiful babies! I remember them all dressed up for their first Halloween. Goes fast, right? Well, except the days that go on forever.
    Lots of Love! Namaste, Jane

  11. <3. this is so perfect.

  12. Lovely story!

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