Halloween Party 2012

Last weekend we threw a little Halloween party for the Yoga Babies.  The party consisted of thirteen adorable kids two and under.  And (mostly) everyone, including the adults, came in costume.

I must admit that once I decided to throw this party, I went a little Pinterest crazy.  I think my Halloween Board has over 50 pins on it.  So I’ll just dive right in and give you a little run down of the day…

First, our little family decided to go with a Gilligan’s Island themed family costume.  I was Mary Ann, Mike was Gilligan (in my girlfriend’s too-small-for-him hat) and Annabelle was Ginger (a.k.a. The Movie Star).

For food, we had…

Turkey Chili (hanging out in the Crock Pot to stay warm) with cornbread and tomato and fresh mozzarella sandwiches.

Spider Web Black Bean Hummus

A Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Black & Orange (a.k.a. cantaloupe and black berry) Fruit Salad…

For some sweet snacks we had Pumpkin Rice Krispy Treats

Graveyard Pudding Cups

I crushed the “top” of Oreo cookies to make the dirt.  And then since I didn’t want to waste the “bottom” cookie with the cream, I drew on some faces using an icing pen..

We also served some Spiked Hot Apple Cider with whipped cream for the mommies and daddies.

Alex over at NorthStory had the genius idea of making personalized mason jars for her daughter’s birthday party.  This way each child would not only have a gift to take home with them, but they would also have a glass to use at the party that wouldn’t get confused with anyone else’s.  What a simple, genius idea right?  The little kiddies coming to our party were a little too young for mason jars, but I loved the idea.  So, at Target I picked up a plastic pumpkin sippy cup for each of the kids…

And wrote their names on top using a sharpie.

Of course we needed some Halloween crafty fun for the kiddies.

So, I bought little masks at Michael’s for them to decorate.  Peek-A-Boo!  I see you!

And I dyed some pasta orange and black for them to make macaroni necklaces.

I also picked up some Halloween Frames for the kids to put together.

For little goody bags…

I knew I did not want to give out candy, so when I found (on Pinterest of course!) the idea to draw jack o’lantern faces on clementines, I knew they would be perfect for the treat bags.

So, I gave each child two decorated clementines, a pumpkin cup and a Halloween pencil.  (And of course they had their pumpkin sippy cup, mask, necklace and picture frame to take home as well.)

And then it came time to try and get all the kids to stay still for a photo.  Every year it get s a little more difficult.  For their first Halloween it was easy.  Some of them weren’t too happy about it, but none of them could go anywhere…

For their second, they miraculously stayed seated in a line.  I think they were so mesmerized by all the adults waving and hooting and hollering to get them to smile and look, that they were glued in place.

This year…not so much.  You’d get a few in place…

Just to have a few jump up and run away…

So we ended up snapping away and getting a lot of “action” shots.

It was such a fun party with adorable little ones and wonderful friends.

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

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P.P.S. For everyone bracing for Hurricane Sandy, BE SAFE!

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  1. That post is a smiler ALL the way through, Kelly! WHAT FUN!!! Thank for sharing all your wonderful ideas and photos with us! :)

  2. So many good ideas! I can’t wait for your black bean hummus recipe — looks like a great twist on the regular hummus!

    The photo shoot made me laugh out loud. So. Fun. All the kids look so cute in their costumes. Hope you have a wonderful Halloween and trick or treat!

  3. I love this post! Thanks for making my day!

  4. These are precious and are a ton of great ideas! Well done! I’m drooling over the spider web hummus!

  5. Wow, look at all the Halloween-themed food/crafts/decorations! I’m so impressed!

  6. My goodness how our little ones grow!! Love you for making is such a special day!!

  7. Looks like you hosted a fun party! I love the photo with all the dressed up babies… Did you have a recipe for the spiked apple cider?

  8. donnaheaney says:

    Kelly – all of these things you made look amazing. That was a lot of work. The kids all look adorable in their outfits and it was fun to see the pictures from the past two Halloweens. It seems – from the pictures – that Annabelle kept her boa on!

  9. What a GREAT party! How awesome it must be for the kids and I love all your party details. Such a sweet thing to do with friends over the years!

  10. Love this! I think it’s funny how we both threw Halloween parties using a million ideas from Pinterest. Mine was TOTALLY a Halloween Pinterest party. I love the clementines, I’ll use that next year for sure! We did spiked cider too for the grown ups. So much fun!

  11. Awww! I so wish I was there. What fun. simply creative and so adorable. You have now created a delightful keepsake through your blog of this lovely party! ~Thea

  12. Such a fun party! Thank you for hosting and for all of the creative Halloween goodies! My poor little lamb that first year. She was not having it.

  13. You guys must have had lots of fun! all the food looks delicious! :-) & really like your idea of decorating your little goody bags, I might consider this idea! I will let you know if I do! :-) thanks for sharing! :-)

  14. Wow!! Your party munchies turned out so cute!! What a fun idea for your yoga babies.

  15. Looks like you guys had lots of fun! nice way to throw a party :)

  16. Great fun post. Loved the creative ideas.

  17. What a great party – and so many creative pins. I love your Gilligan’s Island theme costumes!

  18. joyweesemoll says:

    Wow! What a great party! I love the creative way of not wasting the bottoms of the Oreo cookies. And the hummus is so amazing!

    I came over from Trish’s round-up of Pin It and Do It Challenge posts. Great job!

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