Pumpkin Painting

Since The Belle was not quite ready this year to carve a pumpkin, I thought painting one might be a fun little activity for her.  She picked out the colors she wanted to use (which was pretty much all of them) and then she got down to business.

I asked her if she wanted a brush but she said, “No thank you, Mommy.  I use my fingers.”

As you can see, she loved decorating her little pumpkin.  She kept asking me for more paint, carefully picking which colors she wanted to use.

Of course by the end all the colors had melded together.  Here’s her finished festive masterpiece.

The only mistake mommy made was putting it on our front stoop with all our other pumpkins.  The cold caused her carefully painted design to peel.  So next year I’ll know…all painted pumpkins are strictly indoor decorations!

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  1. Looks like The Belle had a ball!

  2. Yeah, she really had a blast. She’s a big fan of finger painting!!

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