Happy Election Day!



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  1. Annabelle for president!

  2. This morning we asked her who she was voting for and she said “Daddy!”

  3. Cute cupcakes :-) By the way, I sent you an email yesterday. Please let me know if that topic will work. Thanks :-)

  4. These are really cute! American politics always amaze me. It’s like a giant soap opera. I say this as a Canadian and I can tell you that we don’t have a quarter of this kind of enthusiasm when it comes to our elections. That is, we vote, we just don’t celebrate like you guys do. Which I have a whole other bucket of opinions on but that’s not for here. :)

  5. Yum! and hooray for Daddy!

  6. I’m following the election from Sydney, it’s exciting!

  7. Even though I am Canadian I will be watching the results tonight with my husband. Being such close and connected neighbours we are so interested! Love the cupcakes. Brilliant idea! ~Thea

  8. I’ve also got the tv on here in London, though it’s 2.22am here now! America elects its president! Big news! Have only visited the USA briefly once (visited Los Angeles) but it was very interesting. Hope to visit New York one day. Very important nation, and hugely important to us in Britain. As British commentators used to say, Prime Minister (at the time) Mrs Thatcher was far happier looking to the States than to Europe!

  9. This is what the UK ‘Daily Mail’ online headline is: ‘EXIT POLLS BLOW TO ROMNEY: Mitt suffers setback as first indications are that he has FAILED to seize key swing states’

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