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I am unbelievably excited that my very dear friend (and Yoga Mama) Mindy has agreed to be a guest blogger on my little blog.  Besides being a writer, Mindy is a mama to Megan (a precious little peanut Annabelle’s age) with baby number two arriving sometime in February.  Mindy is also a runner, with a bunch of marathons under her tiny belt, including one that she ran a mere ten months after Megan was born.  (I know, seriously.  If I didn’t love her so much I might have to hate her.)  But loveable she is, so I thought she would be the perfect person to write some “mama fitness” posts for you guys.   She’ll be popping in here and there with some thoughts and stories about trying to find the time to stay fit while being a mom.  I’ll be publishing her first post this afternoon…



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  1. Wow, a marathon ten months after birth? That is amazing! I am a Mama runner, too, with baby #2 due in January. Maybe she can inspire me how to get back in the groove after baby arrives.

  2. I can’t wait to hear from Mindy!!! How exciting!!

  3. I know, it’s kind of amazing. I’m sure she will inspire you…and you’ll certainly be able to relate as a mama runner! Congrats on baby #2!!

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