Boot Camp Update

I have been hearing from a lot of readers that people are falling behind on the Closet Boot Camp assignments because the craziness of the holidays has begun.

This I completely understand.

Who has time to roll t-shirts when there are presents to buy…cards to send…pies to bake!

So, I’ve decided to press pause on the Boot Camp until the New Year. If you’re behind, here is another chance for you to catch up. If you haven’t started cleaning out your closet clutter with us yet, here is your chance to jump on in and join us. (Come on.  You know you want to.)

Here are the assignments I’ve posted so far:

Week One: Let’s Get Rolling: The T-Shirt Drawer

Week Two: Working Up A Sweat! (Workout Clothes & Sweats)

Week Three: What’s Going On Under There?  (Underwear, Bras, Socks & PJ’s)

Week Four: It’s A Shoe Thing

Week Five: Hanging Tops Boot Camp Style

I will be posting the next Boot Camp assignment in 2013. Now, doesn’t that just sound CRAZY??!



P.S. I’ll be back in a little bit with a Thanksgiving craft Annabelle and I did together…

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