Footprint Turkey

Last week Annabelle and I made our first keepsake Thanksgiving decoration of the season together.  A footprint turkey.  I found the idea for this little gobble-gobble craft on Pinterest.  When I clicked the pin for more details, I was sad to discover that the website it originally came from no longer exists.  So with only this picture as my guide, I had to wing it.  (Wing it?  Get it?  Cause it’s a turkey…oh boy.)

The first step was getting The Belle’s little footprint.  We’ve done a bunch of footprint crafts (like her Halloween footprint ghost) so she is no stranger to having her tootsies painted.  In fact, she is a big fan.

So after we got a clear brown footprint to use as the body of our turkey, we made a few extra just for fun.

Once it was dry, it was time for me to sketch on the turkey’s feathers.  I traced half circles using a condiment cup so all my feathers would be the same size.  Then I free-handed the bottom portion of each feather.  I also sketched in two little legs.

Next, I colored in my feathers.  I went with a random array of colors and patterns like the picture I had pinned.

Then it was time to add a few details to my little friend.  I used a sharpie to draw on his eyes and hair and cut his beak, wattle and cheeks out of construction paper.

Finally, I added a little “Happy Thanksgiving” message as well as Annabelle’s name and the date.  Then I framed it.

Since the transformation from footprint to turkey was completed while Annabelle napped, I was really exited to show it to her when she got up.  She loved it.  She calls it “my turkey craft” and if you ask her how we made it she answers, “with my footprint.”

I have to admit, this little turkey makes me giggle.  Maybe it’s his little face?  Or how sweet Annabelle’s tiny toe prints look?  Whatever the reason, I think this guy is a great addition to our Thanksgiving decorations.

P.S. Looking for more family-friendly Thanksgiving ideas?  Check out my post on Our Family’s Thankful Journal.

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  1. How cute is THAT???! :)

  2. donnaheaney says:

    I wish I could have been there to see her with the paint on her foot & seeing her make the footprint! I’m sure I would have been very entertained!

    • We’ve done so many footprint crafts, she knows the routine. She sits on the kitchen chair while I paint her foot. Of course, she giggles because it tickles. Then I put the paper on the floor and help her get down and step on the paper. She love, love, loves it!

  3. This is SO adorable!! Love it!

  4. What an imagination, great, so cute !!

  5. It’s adorable!

  6. That is SOOOOOOO cute. My brain is going “imagine the possibilities!

  7. funny and cute too! great idea! :-)

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