Dry Erase Frame

I’ve seen this super simple craft all over Pinterest and have wanted to make one for a while now. It really doesn’t get much easier than this…

You take a pretty frame (like this guy that I found at HomeGoods) and frame a piece of paper (I used some extra card stock I had leftover from the anniversary present I made Mike)…

..and Ta Da!  You have yourself a lovely dry erase “board”.  You might recognize this frame.  It’s the one I use to make all the Collectively Creative logos.

I’m actually kind of in love with this little guy.  Simple craft, simple pleasures.

I wanted the dry erase pen to be accessible and didn’t like it just lying on the counter.

So I took a strip of velcro and attached one section to the frame…

…and one to the pen.

Now the pen will always be handy!

Over at Bliss Kristin puts her dry erase frame in the guest room and leaves little notes for her guests.  So sweet!

You can also easily change up the paper to make your dry erase frame blend in with your seasonal decor.  I see some green paper in my frame’s future!

Make sure you check out Leah’s Thankful Dry-Erase Board over at Inspire and Indulge.  She has created such a sweet way to display things you and your family are grateful for!

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P.P.S. Looking for more dry erase fun?  Check out Annabelle’s First Day Of School Sign.

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  1. LOVE your idea of using velcro to attach the marker!

  2. I still need to make this for my sewing room… With all the projects i wanna do, it’ll be helpful!

  3. I love this!

  4. Thanks for sharing this great idea! What a nice way to use old frames. I will be making at least two of these! — Vickie

  5. How easy! And cute too.

  6. Thanks for this Kelly :) You just gave me some ideas for a lunch I am hosting this weekend!

  7. I hope so too! I’m definitely making a post about it and tagging it to yours :) Have a great day! Hmm it is now 7 am in Jakarta. What time is it where you are? Where are you by the way?

  8. I have nominated your blog for a 2012 blog of the year award. Come over to my blog for details. : )


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