Felt Christmas Tree

This little Christmas craft is all over Pinterest.  It’s so popular that when I went to JoAnn Fabrics to buy the felt, the woman cutting it asked if I was making “one of those cute felt Christmas trees”!  The one I pinned and used as my guide was from Sol and Rachel do a Blog.

It was a super easy craft.  And by super easy I mean…fabric but NO sewing.  You gotta love it.

I made it with the help of my mom who was over and graciously offered to cut out all the ornaments with me.  Then I put it up when Annabelle was in bed for the night so it would be a surprise.  When she came down in the morning and saw it, she asked me if Santa Claus brought it for her.  So sweet.

Annabelle Decorating Felt Christmas TreeWithout any explanation, she dove right in and started decorating.

Annabelle Decorating Her Christmas TreeI put all the felt ornaments and presents in a little basket for her.  Apparently, presents go at the top of the tree and not under it.

Annabelle's Felt Christmas TreeIf you have a little one and a free half hour (I actually laughed out loud when I typed that!), I would definitely recommend making this easy Christmas craft!

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  1. how nice for a little one :) love the way she decorated it, nice job!

  2. Very cute!!

  3. I am glad I was able to “help out” with this Christmas craft! It really is adorable.

  4. Sometimes the easy and simple to do will turn out to be the most engaging. What a delightful idea! ~Thea

  5. How lovely. What a great idea!

  6. what a good idea! :-) I love it! I think I will try it too for my little one, he is always touching our tree! thanks for sharing this! :-) (I have felt from previous projects) :-)

  7. I LOVE this idea!

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