Magazine Christmas Trees

It’s always fun to find a way to recycle and reuse something you have at home…to give something, that would otherwise end up in the trash or the recycling bin, a new life.  This super easy project takes one of the oodles of catalogues that stuff my mailbox this time of year and, with a little folding, turns it into a Christmas decoration.

Behold, my Magazine Christmas Tree….Ta Da!

Magazine Christmas Tree!If you too have tons of extra catalogues lying around and you’re itching to get folding, here are the steps…

Step One: Fold down the corner of the page as shown.

Magazine Tree - Step OneStep Two: Fold the page in on itself.

Magazine Tree - Step TwoStep Three: Fold over the little “tail”…

Magazine Tree - Step Three…and tuck it into the folded page.  The result is a neatly folded triangle.

Magazine Tree - Step FourNow, continue steps one through four over and over (AND over again) until your tree feels full enough.  Depending on the thickness of the magazine you chose to work with, this might be the entire magazine or only part of it.  (If it is only part, you can carefully tear off the extra pages.)  I then used a few glue dots and attached the first and the last pages together so the tree stood nicely.

Close Up Magazine TreeI must admit, this was not a quick project.  Super easy, yes…but not exactly fast.  It’s a lot of folding.  I ended up doing most of it while Mike and I watched TV at night.  That being said, I love my little Magazine Christmas Tree.  I used a Restoration Hardware catalogue because I liked that the pages were full of black, white and neutral photos.  Of course it you want your tree to be more colorful, just pick a colorful magazine to work with.

Magazine Christmas Tree!

Oh (recycled magazine) Christmas Tree, Oh (recycled magazine) Christmas Tree…Your folded pages make me so happy!

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  1. Awesome! I love upcycling projects and I’m always looking for ways to reuse my stacks of magazines!

  2. It looked great!

  3. This is so cool!

  4. What a great sustainable project; love it!!

  5. so pretty! good idea! :-)

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