Merry Everything!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful love-filled Christmas.  Santa was very good to the little Belle.

I’ll be taking the week off from blogging to get in some extra cuddle time with my little family.

I’ll be back in 2013 (!) with new Clutter-Buster Boot Camp and Collectively Creative posts!  As well as some yummy recipes and fun kid-friendly crafts and activities.

Happy New Year Everyone!



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  1. Happy new year to you too Kelly! Looking forward to be inspired by you and the creative projects you engage in :) I love the “Collectively Creative” posts. Would you care to share how you make this sort of collaboration a success? Though blogging for me is, more often than not, about taking a personal journey and the discoveries made along the way, I thrive on interactions with other likeminded people too! :)


    • Hi Nasyitah…thanks for checking out our Collectively Creative posts! I’m glad you are enjoying them. The reason I love doing them so much, is that I follow and love all the blogs that participate. So it’s always so much fun for me to see what these (super creative) folks come up with!

  2. Wish you a Happy New 2013 year to you and your family too Kelly

  3. All the best to you and yours in the new year, Kelly!

  4. To you darling!!!!!

  5. Happy New Year and have a great time with your family!

  6. I followed you over from Bloggy Moms and I am so very glad I did! I need your Clutter Buster boot camp!!!! Thanks! Alexa

  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hoping that 2013 is everything you want it to be Kelly! :-)

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