Blue Jean Blues

Nothing quite gets me eating healthy again after too many holiday indulgences than trying on ALL my jeans.



So, while I admit that I did stare lovingly at my sweater collection while thinking of all the chocolate I’d consumed in the past few weeks and knowing, without a doubt, that trying on sweaters would be safer, I decided to bite the organizing bullet and go forward with the Closet Edition assignment that I had planned.

Are you ready to dive into the New Year by purging your jeans collection?

Good.  Here are the steps…

Step One: Take out all of your jeans from your closet and dresser and pile them on your bed.  Yes, that’s right.  ALL of them.

Step Two: Bravely try on all pairs, getting rid of any that don’t fit, that don’t make you feel great or that have rips and holes (unless of course, they’re the “cool” rips and holes that are supposed to be there.  Those you can keep.)  Oh and the ones you can’t breathe in?  Those GO.

Step Three: Get folding.  Like with my t-shirts, I have a specific way that I like to fold my jeans.  As with folding any clothing, it’s a personal preference.  Just make sure you pick one way and stick with it.  This makes your folded items look uniform and neat and oh so pretty.

Here’s a little step-by-step of the way I like to fold jeans.

Folding Jeans - Step 1

Folding Jeans - Step 2

Folding Jeans- Step 3

I like this method because it makes the jeans easy to “flip” through when I’m looking for a particular pair.  With the pockets facing out, I can easily identify which pair is which.

Once you’ve gone through and pared down your jeans collection and folded all the pairs you are keeping, you can stack them neatly, folded side facing out.

Jeans Folded

Or if you don’t have shelves, you can put them in your dresser.  Again, folded as such, it will be very easy to find the pair you are looking for, even in a dresser drawer.

Let me know how it goes…and good luck!

Happy Purging!


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  1. We fold our jeans the exact same way! :-) Hehe.

  2. I went to my favorite store to buy new pants (they have pants and jeans for tall girl very affordable ones too!) and found out i’m one size down :) :) so bought 2 pairs of dressy pants, one pair of jeans and rezised the 5 pairs i had home!!! So glad to report that all my jeans are fitting!

  3. I have been keeping an old pair of jeans which I never wear because they are worn at the thighs and look ghastly on me. After reading your post I realized I was keeping them because? Well as a spare. A spare what? I asked myself? But I paid a lot of money for them in the 1970s. HaHa. Off they go.

  4. I fold my jeans the same way!! :)

  5. timewiththea says:

    I hang my jeans in the closet clustered together! Mine a getting a little worn I think I am ready for a couple of new pairs but I have to work off some of that Christmas chocolate too! ~Thea

  6. Are you sitting down? I never wear jeans;I don’t own one pair and haven’t for over 40 years.I never found them comfortable and I just gave up.Even when I was young and slim…nope. I gave up trying to make myself feel good in them when I was in my teens. I am probably the only person in the western world who does not relax in jeans.(I will admit that I bought a pair of sort-of, kinda, jean-ish, denim-ish pull-up, elastic-waist pants a couple of years ago, but I have seldom even worn those.
    Take a deep breath and get on with your life now!

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