Organizing And Displaying Kid’s Artwork

Now that Annabelle is in school, the amount of artwork she produces has doubled.  I wanted (and needed) a way to display and keep her little masterpieces.  Pinterest is full of lovely ideas for displaying your child’s artwork, and I was all set on choosing one of them when I stumbled upon these frames at HomeGoods…

Art Work DisplayAs soon as I saw them I knew they were perfect for Annabelle’s artwork.  I was giddy.  I may have even taken pictures and immediately texted them to a few of my mama friends that had mentioned they were looking for a way to display their little one’s art.

They are like shadow boxes, in that they are deep, but…are you ready….they open!

Art Work DisplayAnd the fabric backing allows you to pin artwork and pictures directly to the frame, switching them out easily.  Cool, right!?

Annabelle's ArtworkWe decided to hang them in Annabelle’s room so she could enjoy her work.

Annabelle's Artwork FramesI switch them out regularly since it’s so easy to do.  During December I had all her little Christmas masterpieces displayed.  Annabelle loves having her artwork framed and will tell you about each piece.  She’ll say things like, “That’s a fish I made at school.  And that’s my handprint that I made at home with Mommy.”  Functional and adorable.  Perfect.

Annabelle's Artwork DisplayOf course, displaying her work was only one of the issues.  I also needed to find a way to organize and save it.  So I’ve come up with a super simple system.  When Annabelle brings artwork home from school, or when we make something at home, I write on the back of each piece: her name, where she made it, the date and what it is (just in case years from now it’s not super obvious to me that what appears to be mere orange scribbles is, in fact, a giraffe.)  Then I put them in a box labeled “Annabelle’s Artwork”.

My plan is to go through the box of work at the end of the school year and select the pieces that best represent what she learned this year.  Then I’ll save those pieces in an art work/school work portfolio that I’m making for her.  The rest I will recycle or (please don’t think I’m a horrible mother) let go of.

A few cute ways to recycle your little one’s artwork is to make Thank You Notes, to use them as the matting for pictures or as wrapping paper for when your child gives out gifts.

At the end of the school year, I’ll share with you the portfolio that I’m making for her.

How do you display, preserve or recycle your children’s artwork?

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  1. That’s too funny I just did this this week. Except not the frames with the pin cushion style, just regular IKEA RIBBA ones. I love framing kids artwork. It’s personal, sweet and it actually looks really good when it’s up.

  2. Nice frames… Would love some :(

  3. It is funny but I personally enjoy the children in my life’s artwork even more than their beautiful photos. Each year I too go through all the art work and keep the ones I like best and get rid of the rest. That way I am not “cluttered” and every now and then I can take them out and look at them. This post is the best idea I have seen yet for displaying. It looks really great. The portfolio sounds like a lovely idea too.

  4. Such a great idea! My oldest is in preschool and I’ve been trying to decide what to do with all her masterpieces which are currently sitting in a pile in our office. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. These are so cute! I love them! I am slowly drowning in finger paintings and construction paper, so I know the need to keep it organized! I actually take pictures of all the pieces I love and keep only a few of our favorites for a scrapbook.

  6. My children are grown and I still have some of their artwork! What a beautiful way to display it :)

  7. timewiththea says:

    What a timeless, practical and stylish idea! Love it! ~Thea

  8. This is GENIUS! I love it. And it looks so professional (like in a gallery) yet can be changed up so easily…definitely pinning this for when we grow our family.

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