Playing With Rainbow Rice

Remember when I dyed a bunch of rice all different colors of the rainbow with Annabelle?

Annabelle Making Rainbow RiceAnd then used that rice to make little centerpieces for her Sesame Street birthday party?

Elmo Rainbow Rice CenterpieceWell I never shared with you the fun little Annabelle had playing with the rice after her birthday party was over…

Once the last cookie monster cupcake had been eaten, I dumped all the rice into a large tupperware container to save.  Then one day while Annabelle napped, I brought the rice, some spoons and measuring cups outside and set everything up on a sheet in the grass.  When she woke up I brought her outside and let her explore.

She loved scooping the rice and moving it from container to container…

Rainbow RiceAnd digging her hands in the rice to see how it felt…

Rainbow Rice 4And letting it run through her little fingers…

Rainbow Rice In HandI brought out tiny tupperware containers and lids, so we could make little shakers…

Rainbow Rice We did this little activity in the summer, so we were able to play outside.  I suppose you could do this as an indoor activity…

Rainbow Rice …BUT I must warn you it will get messy!

Rainbow Rice Mess!Rice will be everywhere!  But indoors or out, I promise it will be fun!

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  1. How fun!! Love all the bright colors!

  2. This is great! Will have to share with a friend who LOVES rainbows.

  3. What a fab idea! I used to put out the bit and pieces but definitely more fun with the rainbow rice.

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