I Have A Two And A Half Year Old

When did that happen!?  Just a moment ago she looked like this…

I Am 8 Months Old Today!And now she’s a little girl.  A little girl with ideas and opinions.  Who speaks in full sentences.  Who has her own unique sense of humor.  Who is curious about Everything.  Who thinks when you ask her a question, carefully forming her answer.  Who proudly refers to herself as a “big girl”.  Sigh….

When Annabelle was born I started taking pictures of her on her “monthly” birthdays.  I intended to stop when she turned one, but then she turned one and I couldn’t.

Annabelle's 1 Year Monthly PhotoTwo, I told myself.  It made sense.  Two was when you officially stopped giving your child’s age in months.

I Am Two Years Old!But two rolled around and I just couldn’t let it go completely, so I decided instead to document half birthdays.  Remember when you used to give your age in halves and three quarters?  Now I refuse to admit being a year older until the clock strikes twelve on my birthday.  Of course since Mike is 6 months older than me, he always insists on rounding my age up…a practice I am adamantly against.

Getting monthly pictures is a bit tricky now that she’s ALL over the place.  Here she was being a very good listener and holding up the sign for me to see….

Two And A Half Years OldGetting closer…

Two And A Half Years Old - Photo ShootThere she is!

Two And A Half Years Old - Photo Shoot 2It takes awhile, but eventually we get a keeper.

I Am 2 1/2 Years Old!Happy two & a half years to my sweet, clever, silly, beautiful baby girl!

You can check out some of Annabelle’s other monthly photos here.

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  1. It’s funny, on the baby picture she’s sucking on her 2 middle fingers… My cousin, who is a readhead too was doing that…;) she growing up and she’s beautiful!!

  2. Adorable!!! :)

  3. So adorable!!

  4. So sweeeeet!

  5. What a sweetheart! That smile on her face in the last pic is a heart-melter!

  6. It goes so. fast. Watching them grow up, and looking back on their journey, is bittersweet. Before you know it you’ll be preparing for her 6th birthday, like me. Mind blowing, I tell ya.

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