Valentine’s Day Cards

Each year I make super simple Valentine’s Day cards to send out to Annabelle’s family and friends.  I take a picture of her decked out in lovey-dovey attire and use it to make her cards.  Yesterday, after her nap, we did this year’s little photo shoot.

Like most toddlers, she was super excited about it…for about three whole minutes.  And then she was off and playing.  I’m grateful she lasted that long.  I just ordered the pictures from snapfish today.  (With a coupon the total was $4!  Score!)  I’ll be sure to post the finished product for you guys to see when I’m done.

But today I thought I would share the pictures I used to make her first two Valentine’s Day cards…

The first, February 2011, was the easiest picture to get.  She was only seven months old and not super mobile yet, so I put her in a little pink basket, pinned a blanket up behind her as a backdrop, and got her to giggle.  One, two, three…done!  I think I took a total of five pictures.

Valentine Picture 2011The next year, February 2012, was a lot more difficult.  She just would not sit still.  Even for a moment.  I finally tried putting her in a basket like the year before, just to keep her contained enough so I could capture more of her than just a blur.  It worked!

Valentine's Day Picture 2012This year was somewhere in the middle.  She sat for me for a few moments and smiled, so I was able to get at least a few shots of more than her back.  Now it’s time to get crafty!

Have you started making Valentines yet this year?

P.S. Speaking of lovey-dovey, it’s almost time for our next Collectively Creative!  On February 6th myself and a bunch of super creative ladies will be publishing posts inspired by the phrase Lovey-Dovey.  We just can’t wait to spread a little love!!  xo

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  1. I started on my cards this week. Hopefully I’ll have them online before Valentine’s Day (doesn’t that always happen?? oy!)

  2. Your cards are always AMAZING! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  3. Those pictures are way too precious! I can understand mom just wanna eat those cheeks 😉

  4. donnaheaney says:

    Can’t wait to see the picture for this year!

  5. You mean you can contain a toddler for more than a couple seconds? You are superwoman! Please share your secrets! 😉

  6. so nice :-)

  7. adorable :-)

  8. How totally adorable.


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