Pretty Little Peacock: A Handprint Craft

You know I love a good hand print craft, so when my girlfriend Mindy (yes, the same Mindy who wrote this lovely post) stumbled upon these at an amusement park…

Handimals From Sesame Place

Handimals From Sesame Place


Photo From Sesame Place

…she took a picture of them to show me.  How cute are they?  Apparently, they are called Handimals (hand print + animals).  I just had to try and make one, right?

They were all so sweet, I couldn’t really decide which one Annabelle and I should attempt.  So, I started snooping around online and on Pinterest for more ideas.  When I saw this peacock hand print pin, I knew I had a winner.  Unfortunately, the pin leads to a Facebook page, so there is no tutorial.  The Belle and I were just going to have to wing it…

First step was to get a nice little hand print.  Always easier said then done.  We picked blue for the body of our bird…

Hand Print PeacockWhile our hand print dried, Annabelle got her finger painting on.  After all, this craft is mostly a mama craft…she had to have her own little crafting fun!

Once it was dry I pulled up the Pinterest image and used it as my guide.  I used both paint and colored sharpies to draw on the feathers, face and legs.

Handimal PeacockWhen I was (somewhat) satisfied with my feathered friend, I let it dry.  To be honest, I’m not too crazy about his little head.  But when I texted a picture of it to Mindy, she talked me off the crafting ledge and convinced me not to chuck it.  So, I framed it and added Annabelle’s name and the date.

Peacock Handimal

Peacock HandimalThen we hung it in her room.

Peacock Handimal Hung In Annabelle's RoomThere it hangs out in the corner with Annabelle’s “Laugh Until Your Belly Aches” t-shirt that I framed for her awhile back.

Peacock Handimal & Framed T-ShirtMindy ended up making a few handimals with her daughter Megan that she shared with me.  How cute is this little frog?

Frog HandimalAnd these bugs!?

Bug HandimalsFor these she had to paint Megan’s palm one color and her fingers another, and then quickly get a clear hand print before Megan could close her hand and mix the colors all up.  That’s impressive work, mama!!

I thought these hand print crafts were so sweet.  There are so many different fun animals to choose from and they make adorable (and original!) artwork for your little one’s room.

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  1. Love your peacock!!! This is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Now that is a work of art!!! So pretty! And yes isn’t it amazing how hard it is to get a single handprint??

  3. Adorable!

  4. Handimals. I am always looking for activities for kids and this is wonderful. I would never have thought of it in a million years and it is brilliant!! Thanks for telling us about them.

  5. Did i ever said that I love the crafts you are making with Annabelle??! That birdie is awesome and ireally like its face 😉

  6. Beautiful! I love the peacock :)

  7. Wow! These turned out great! I’m so glad you didn’t chuck the peacock. It’s truly beautiful work – – and I love that it is a mama-daughter collaboration…and it captures a moment in time with that lil handprint. Just darling.

  8. Very cute.I did a lot of ‘thumbprint’ are with my kids when they were little and even a bit bigger in Scouts.I finally got a book to use it with the grandkids.Today’s kids are more visually oriented).

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