A DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration (From PJs!)

This post should probably be titled “Oops!  I did it again.”

Yup, that’s right.  I framed another piece of Annabelle’s clothing.  I know, I know…I just can’t help myself.

Just like I did with her sweet little “Laugh Until Your Belly Aches” t-shirt, her monogrammed dress and her Christmas PJs, I took her Valentine’s Day PJs from last year and framed them to make a Valentine’s Day decoration.

2012 Valentine PJsThe PJs were the ones she wore in the picture I took to make her valentines

Valentine's Day Picture 2012I used the same technique (ha ha) that I used when I framed her other little items.  (If you want a good step-by-step tutorial check out this post.)  I had a frame on hand, so this little project cost a whopping zero dollars.

Framed Valentine's Day PJsIt’s not done.  I’m trying to figure out what to put underneath the heart, but I’m not sold on anything yet, so I’m letting it be while I think.  So far I’m toying around with the idea of stenciling the word “LOVE”…or maybe simply “YOU”?  Or maybe I should just leave it as is?

I’m looking for thoughts so if you’ve got any ideas, I’d love to hear them!  What do you guys think I should do??

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  1. oh, leave it blank! It’s so lovely, understated and sweet.

  2. Maybe the word “LOVE” or “YOU” with the letters cut out of paper Annabelle has finger-painted in red?

  3. Perhaps be able to change or add to it over the years. Pop other little hearts in wth it. :-)

  4. What a cool way to preserve some of your child’s favorite clothes and make an inexpensive decoration! I love this idea!

  5. Write on the glass with non permanent marker a thing you love each day!?

  6. I’d leave it as is but I am terrible at re-doing old items if there is sentimental value attached.

    • This is the fourth thing of hers that I’ve framed and each time I’ve started tearing up when I cut the fabric. I know she is never going to wear them again, and that this would be a lovely way to display them, but I still got a lump in my throat cutting her little PJs. I’m leaning towards leaving it be….

  7. Stencil “Annabelle 2012” on it or put a picture of The Belle on it from last year.

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