I Love You More Than…



…Chocolate covered pretzels with rainbow sprinkles!

I don’t know exactly when it began, but at some point I started saying to Annabelle, “I love you more than cupcakes.”

And then I began changing it up.

“I love you more than sunshine.”

Or “I love you more than giraffes.”

She quickly picked up on the game and started replying with her own endings.

“Mommy, I love you more than pizza.”

“I love you more than broccoli.” (She really does love broccoli.)

Or her biggest compliment, “Mommy, I love you more than hummus.”  (Annabelle considers hummus to be its own separate food group.  She would be happy with a bowl of hummus and a spoon…no crackers needed.)

Our game inspired me to make a little Valentine’s Day decoration.  Something both sentimental and sweet.  (And an added bonus?  This lovey-dovey decoration took me about 10 minutes to make and was completely free since I already had everything on hand.  You gotta love that.)

On a red piece of card stock I wrote the phrase, “I love you more than…”.  (For some extra love I threw in a few tiny hearts.)  Then I framed it (using a frame I had on hand from Annabelle’s Sesame Street Birthday Party).  I left the end of the phrase open so we could use a dry erase marker to fill in different endings depending on our mood.

I Love You More Than CupcakesCute, right?  And so simple.

I Love You More Than SunflowersAs I type this it reads, “I love you more than…Peanut Butter.”  Around here, that’s A LOT of love.

Now…are you ready for some more Lovey-Dovey posts?  Great because it’s time for another edition of Collectively Creative.

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  1. I love this!!! I think I’m going to need to make one of these for my husband and I! :-)

  2. So cute :) Thanks for sharing

  3. What fun!!! I just love all your sweet traditions with Annabelle. :)

  4. Bwahahaha!!! alike minds?? :) Love your writing by the way :)

  5. So sweet! I love the ‘hummus’ one. Evan (my 3 year old) once told me he loved me almost as much as bacon. I’m so close to the top of the list!

  6. Awww, SUPER cute! I love that you can change the phrase whenever you choose. If Jon and I had one of these it would say something like, “I love you more than… bacon!” or “I love you more than… frosting!” 😉

  7. That is so cute!! What a lovely idea :)

  8. this is great! we have a contest similar….good to know there is so much love going around!

  9. Adorable! I love this post more than Nutella and cupcakes and chocolate and deep-dish pizza… And I adore this series, Kelly. I really do.

  10. I love this post more than Moonflowers. :)

  11. Loving something more than cupcakes? I don’t know…but I think cute children like Annabelle conquer that any day!~

  12. What a wonderful idea! This reminds me of the time my husband he told me he loves me more than surfing…that’s saying a lot for him! And I cracked up to learn about your daughter’s intense love of hummus, as well as broccoli. You’re raising a healthy gal!

    Thanks for welcoming me into Collectively Creative this month! It has been fun to receive visits from so many new bloggers today and to get to know them.

  13. Another excellent Valentines idea, I think I am going to have to make one of tese for my daughter. Thanks

  14. donnaheaney says:

    Kelly and Annabelle “I love you more than diamonds”!

  15. Time With Thea says:

    This is my teacher voice coming through. What a brilliant and fun way to start Annabelle reading words that are really important to her! ~Thea

  16. Great idea! And I can’t wait to read all the links.

  17. This is such a great idea, and a craft that I can actually do (I am challenged in this area)!! What a sweet tradition you and your daughter have :) That’s awesome that she loves hummus. My 3 year old is obsessed with strawberries, she can eat a whole pound in one sitting, it’s a little scary! Maybe someday she’ll say “I love you more than strawberries” :)

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