Weekly Family Touch Base Meeting

As corporate as it sounds, running a home and keeping everything (bills!  family schedules!  cleaning & organizing! ) in order, is a little like running a business.  Jobs need to be divided up and delegated.  Bills need to be paid.  Schedules need to be synched up.  To-do lists need to be reviewed and weekly goals need to be set.

Without that chaos ensues.

No one can find anything.  Weekends get double booked.  To-do lists continue to grow as nothing ever gets checked off.  And everyone thinks the other guy is calling the plumber to fix the toilet.  It’s madness, people.  I tell you, MADNESS!

In order to keep our little ship sailing smoothly, Mike and I decided to schedule a weekly meeting, which we’ve named our Family Touch Base Meeting.

Family Touch Base Meeting

Every Tuesday night after dinner we sit down and go over all the paperwork that has come in over the past week.  We pay bills, file statements, and simply touch base with one another about what’s going on over the next few weeks.  Who needs to be where, when.  What phone calls need to be made.  Who is handling what.  That sort of thing.

Sounds basic enough, right?  But, I can’t even begin to tell you what a huge difference this has made.  A week’s worth of paperwork is nothing.  We can bang it out and be back on the couch watching Revenge in twenty minutes.  It’s when the paperwork piles up that things get overwhelming.  So the trick is simple: Don’t let it pile up.  Having a time scheduled that we both know about and stick to, prevents us from putting the not-so-fun tasks (like paying bills) off.

How do you keep your little “business” running smoothly?

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  1. I would be dysfunctional without my wall calendar in my kitchen. By wall calendar I mean poster sized monster of a calendar that I write everything on.

  2. Good advice – Donna, Inc. could have used that years ago!

  3. Excellent idea. Family meetings are as good if not better than a family prayer. Love them both!

  4. Easy! I let my hubby take care of the paper works…. LOL!

  5. We use Cozi on our phones and computers to keep a family calendar; that revolutionized things for us. But we DON’T have a good system for that mail that requires a response. We each have a basket we toss it into and usually don’t get to it for another month! I like the idea of a weekly meeting. Might have to suggest this to my man!

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