A Vintage Poster

I wanted to share with you a print I ordered for Annabelle’s room from A Vintage Poster.

Print By A Vintage Poster

Print By A Vintage Poster

Isn’t it adorable!?

Print By A Vintage Poster

Print By A Vintage Poster

You may remember last month I made this Valentine’s Day decoration inspired by my telling Annabelle that I love her more than cupcakes.  (I left the ending open, so we could change it up depending on our mood.)

I Love You More Than CupcakesIt made me smile all through the month of February, so when I packed away our Valentine’s Day decorations, I decided to have something with our cupcakes quote made for Annabelle’s room.  Enter A Vintage Poster.

Sara, the designer, creates posters in all sizes with quotes, animals and illustations.  She has a variety of designs to choose from like this sweet little guy…


Print by A Vintage Poster

…plus she makes custom prints!  And she is so easy and lovely to work with.  I emailed her the quote I wanted (“I love you more than cupcakes”) and she sent me a quote ($22 for an 8 x 10 print).  Then she emailed me a few designs, I responded with my feedback and she sent me a few new prints to review.  Once we settled on a design I loved, we finalized my order.

Here it is framed.

Print By A Vintage Poster

Print By A Vintage Poster

Isn’t it just perfect for a little girl’s room?  I can’t wait to hang it up!

Disclaimer: I wasn’t perked at all for writing about this little shop.  I just love Annabelle’s print and I wanted to share.

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  1. It is lovely. I enjoy some of the little people in my life art and posters, just as much as the photos (which I love a lot) I love the framed Art work too and I used to dread them getting big and asking to take them down. Guess what? Some are quite big and not one has ever asked to take it down!

  2. I’m in the market for some medal / bib hangers and have been all over Etsy finding the one man show operations, I love supporting the small guys! Your print came out awesome! You should have in tiny print at the bottom “who am I kidding, I love cupcakes more than anything” haha

  3. How sweet is that!?!? I love me some cupcakes 😉

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