Five Quick Tips For Organizing Your Coat Closet

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It goes without saying that the first step to organizing ANY closet is to PURGE!  It’s the hardest for many, but there is simply no way to get around this basic first step.  You gotta roll up your sleeves and jump on in there and pull everything OUT.  Then you make your piles…keep, donate and trash.

That being said, once purging is done, here are a few quick and easy tips for making your coat closet one you’ll be happy to open.

Five Quick Tips For Organizing Your Coat Closet:

1. Use Baskets For Small Items:  A super easy way to organize and contain gloves, scarves and hats, is to have a bin or basket for each member of your family.  This keeps the items neat and contained and easy to grab (and put away!) as you’re running in and out of the house.

Baskets For Coat Closet

2.Uniform Hangers: This tip goes for all your closets.  Having uniform hangers is a quick and inexpensive way to give your closet a little makeover.  For coats pick a sturdy wooden hanger.  Make sure you have a few extra to hang guest’s coats when company stops by.

3. Group Coats By Person: Our hallway coat closet is teeny-tiny.  Having all my coats on the right and Mike’s on the left, makes it a snap to find the one I’m looking for.  Once grouped by person, I hang them from shortest to longest.  This makes it look streamlined and pretty.

4. Put Kid’s Coats At Their Level: Once Annabelle was old enough to want to get and hang up her own coat, I hung hooks on the inside of our coat closet door at her level.  (I wrote a post about hanging them here.)  This not only frees up space for Mike and my coats on the main bar, but it also promotes a little independence.  If there is room, you can put your children’s baskets on the floor so they can reach their own mittens and hats.

Annabelle's Hooks In Coat Closet

5. Rotate By Season: If you have the storage space you can rotate your coats by season.  During the winter, I hang our spring and fall coats in the closet of one of our guest bedrooms.  Having only the current season’s coats in our tiny closet, keeps things from getting too packed.  If we had a larger closet, I might not need to do this.  Plus it forces me to go through my coats at the beginning and end of each season as I take them out to move them.

Happy Organizing!



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  1. Great tips Kelly! Like the idea of having individual bins for each person — saves time only rifling through your own hats, gloves, etc. instead of one big basket that has everything!

  2. Good advice!

  3. My coat closet is bursting, so this is a very timely post for me! I will be getting after it very soon, and I know there are a few coats tucked in the back that have donate written all over them! My tip: Instead of baskets for gloves and mittens, I have a clear shoe bag hanging on the inside of the door. The pockets are the perfect size and you can see everything at a glance!

  4. Adding bins to our closets has helped CONSIDERABLY in the organization arena. I have one more closet to tackle (that is in shambles) but this post gives me the boost of inspiration I think I need. Hall closet…here I come!

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