Coloring Easter Eggs: The Toddler Friendly Way

Last year, at Easter time, Annabelle was a few months shy of two.  I was excited to decorate eggs with her but knew she wasn’t quite ready to dye them.  I figured it wouldn’t be much fun for her to plop an egg in a cup full of colored water and then have to wait and wait and wait while the color took.

So I decided to let her paint the eggs instead.  Because she was used to the plastic eggs we had been playing with around the house, the first things she did when she got her hand on the hard boiled egg…was to crack it and rip it open.

Ripping Apart Hard Boiled EggTake two.  We explained to her that these eggs didn’t open and that we were going to paint them.  I put a few different colors on a paper plate…

Coloring eggs 2012 Gave her a paint brush…

Coloring Eggs 2012 2And let her go at it.

Coloring eggs 2012 3Painting proved to be a perfect way for our little one to color her own eggs.

Coloring Eggs 2012 4

Coloring Eggs 2012 5

Close Up Of Annabelle's Painted EggThis year we are going to attempt to dye eggs with her…I’ll let you know how it goes!

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  1. What a great way of including a toddler in egg decorating.

  2. A work of art!

  3. That expression she has in the first photo? It’s priceless.

    Love that you’re finding creative ways of including your daughter in these fun traditions, even as a toddler. I’m sure she’s going to have a blast!

  4. awesome fun! thanks for linking up at pin it tuesday!

  5. That last pic of the egg up close and her laughing in the background is great. Love it!

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