An Organized Spring In My Step

We’re a month into Spring people and I don’t know about you, but the itch to declutter and clear things out has hit me BIG TIME.  Lately, I’ve found myself looking around our house daydreaming about all the Spring Cleaning projects I want to tackle.  Well, yesterday I decided to put that humble little dream into action.  So, I took twenty minutes and walked around my house slowly, going room by room, writing down all things that need some organizing TLC.

Spring Into Organizing

My lofty goal is to cross off all of these projects by June 21st, the first day of summer.  (I’m sure I will be blogging about my many projects as I go…)

If you’d like to join me on my Spring Cleaning Adventure, grab a pen and some paper and start making your list!

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  1. Time With Thea says:

    what a brilliant idea!

  2. I’m ready! :)

  3. Bring it on!

  4. Way to go with making a list. That’s definitely the first step! I’ve actually already tackled one drawer of our filing cabinet…which is a start. It’s that hall closet that really needs the cleaning, though…and I haven’t quite mustered up the bravery to go there.

    • Aren’t lists fun? Diving in and starting is the hardest part, but once you get going, it can be a bit addicting. When I’m in the middle of organizing I need to remind myself to stop and eat…which, trust me, is not something I usually need to remind myself!

  5. That old spring cleaning vibe is definitely out there! I’m not so much a fan of the actual cleaning, but I do enjoy making the lists and I LOVE a clean, decluttered house.

  6. this is a great idea Kelly! :-) I’m up for it!

  7. Count me in!


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