Let’s Get Scrappy

Scrap-booky, that is.  I spent all of my tiny free pockets of time last week updating Annabelle’s scrapbook.  I’m slightly embarrassed to admit the huge sense of accomplishment I feel when I say to you: Little Miss Annabelle’s scrapbook is now gloriously up to date.

Should I pause for applause?  No.  Err, ok then.

Like most parents, when Annabelle was born I decided to start a scrapbook for her.  Like ALL parents, finding the time to do non-essential tasks like this became a challenge.

And since I knew it would be so (SO) very easy for Annabelle’s scrapbook to be a project I started but never kept up, I consciously came up with a few ways to make keeping the book as easy as possible.  Because, let’s face it, if it wasn’t easy, I was simply not going to do it.

So here are a few tricks I discovered:

Annabelle's Scrapbook

1. Pick the right book.  For me, that was one with binder rings.  (Not a binder like the ones you used in school, a pretty scrapbook just one with rings.)  The reason I love having a book with rings, is that I can easily move around and add pages without having to take the entire book apart.  Just pop a page in a sleeve, click open those rings and you’re good to go.

Names we were considering...

Tucked in that little blue envelope is a list of all the names we were considering before we settled on Annabelle as our girl’s name. Of course they all seem so wrong now. Annabelle just looks like an Annabelle.

2. Decide what kind of scrapbook you want to create.  To keep it simple, I decided that the hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds) of photos that I have of The Little Belle would not go in this book.  This book would be reserved for scrapbook-y stuff…like ticket stubs, certificates, Christmas cards and Birthday invitations…and photos would be dealt with and kept in separate photo books.

1st Monthly Sign In Scrapbook

Annabelle’s 1st Monthly Pictures Sign

3. Pick a place to store scrapbook items until you can get to them.  I knew I would not have the time to update her scrapbook regularly, so I picked a place in our office and got a pretty box that I could store (read: Shove) items in until I got around to putting them in her book.  When the box gets a bit full, I carve out a chunk of time to bang out some pages.

2nd Birthday Party Keepsakes

Keepsakes From Annabelle’s Sesame Street Themed 2nd Birthday Party

When I finished updating it last week, Annabelle and I sat down to go through it together, which was really sweet.  It was like a little walk down memory lane.

Do you keep a scrapbook for your kids?  If so, how do you keep on top of it?

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  1. APPLAUSE! That’s great! My son will be in the double-digits soon, and I still haven’t finished his baby book…Hey, maybe I could finish it as his 10th birthday gift! Thanks for the tips.

  2. so jealous! Sadly, I have not even finished my wedding album let alone start one for my son.

  3. What a lovely scrapbook you have started for your daughter. I made two memory books for my sons and have them completed up to when they turned 14. (They are 21 & 23 now.) I intended to complete them when they turned 16, but video memories became the project of my husband. I love that we have both. It took an incredible amount of time, but they truly appreciate it. You will love to look at it together in the years to come. Have fun creating memories! ~Vickie

  4. This year I have been doing Project Life as I find the format works well for me. My kids absolutely love going through the album, which chronicles our year week by week. I hit a real stumbling block when my mum died and have now been trying to fill in the last 6 weeks…it is quite confronting having to scrapbook mum’s journey in hospital, but I am so grateful I have a record of this time and my children will know all about my mum. Earlier in the year I bought a photo printer for our home, which makes scrapbooking a lot easier. I find it a huge, time-intensive job…but with incredible rewards. I’m sure Annabelle will treasure this when she’s older.

    • I’m so sorry, again, for your loss. I can’t even imagine how emotional it must be for you to go back and fill in the last 6 weeks. But what a wonderful way to make sure your children will know all about your mom. I’m not familiar with Project Life…what is it?

      • I like to think of it as a combination between a photo album and a scrapbook. Becky Higgins is the creator (www.beckyhiggins.com) and she features quite a few example on her blog. I do a spread for each week of the year. Last year I did it by month. I find it quite intensive but the end result is so awesome.

  5. Im so inspired to finally get started on Megan’s and Ethan’s!

  6. I’m not much of a scrapbooker, but a friend’s mom is hiring me to do an anniversary gift scrapbook for my friend and her hubby…so I just bought a bunch of supplies and I’m actually really excited to give it a go! Any tips for a scrapbooking newbie?

    • What a lovely gift! You are going to have the best time making it! Can’t wait to hear how it turns out. Annabelle’s scrapbook is ever evolving so I make pages as they come. But for the kind you are making, which will be a complete book, I would layout all my pictures and keepsakes and decide on my pages before I started cutting and taping.

      After Mike and I got married my mother-in-law made us the most amazing scrapbook. Since I was an actor (like you!) she designed the book like the acts of a play. Act One: My Shower, Act Two: Rehearsal Dinner, etc. she made a cast page with little headshots of our bridal party and a Playbill with our picture on it. It was amazing! As I’m writing this I’m realizing I should write a post sharing it. It was such an incredible gift.


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