Refrigerator Shelf Liners

How’s Spring Cleaning going?  Have you been bitten by the cleaning bug?

Spring Into Organizing

I’ve been tackling things on my list and crossing things off (with glee).  Of course while I do that, my house looks like a disaster.  It’s amazing how much stuff can come out of one closet, isn’t it?  But sometimes things have to get worse before they get better.

My latest Spring Cleaning project was cleaning out the refrigerator.  I don’t know about you, but this is a cleaning prjoect I dread.  It’s such a hassle taking out all the shelves and drawers and I end up making such a mess washing them in the sink.  But when I am done, it is so satisfying.  I tend to open and close the fridge over and over just to take a peek.

This time I bumped it up a notch and not only emptied and cleaned the entire fridge, but I made refrigerator shelf liners.  This is one of those ideas I saw on Pinterest and thought, WHY didn’t I think of this!?  Lining the shelves will make it SO much easier to clean!  No more taking out all the shelves and drawers.  You simply take out the liners, clean them and pop them back in.  Happy, happy me.

You can make them out of thick plastic placemats or any heavy duty plastic.  I bought a roll of Clear Plast-O-Mat Ribbed Shelf Liner at The Container Store.  Then I traced (or eyeballed when necessary) the shelves and drawers of my fridge.

Clear Plast-O-Mat Ribbed Shelf Liner (Photo From The Container Store Website)

Clear Plast-O-Mat Ribbed Shelf Liner (Photo From The Container Store Website)

It was a quick enough upgrade and will make the dreaded project of cleaning out my fridge a million times easier.  Now I’m off to go peek in my fridge…

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  1. Love it! This is on my to-do list! :)

  2. Kelly – that is an absolutely brilliant idea!!!! I will be doing that in our new apartment.

  3. Ha, good reminder… My fridge is filthy… But yep! Just don’t want to do it, procrastinating my way out LOL! And i do open it (too much) just to peek at its cleanliness when done washing!

  4. good idea!

  5. I WISH the cleaning bug would bite me. Our fridge actually needs a good deep clean, and that’s a great idea to make shelf liners. Thanks for the tip, Kelly!


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